Raffa Castro Siblings

Raffa Castro Siblings: Brother And Sister Details

Raffa Castro is a famous Filipino model and a social media celebrity. Many of her followers want to know about Raffa Castro Siblings.

Raffa became famous through her social media accounts and started her career as a social media influencer in 2019.

Raffa gained a sizable fan base on her TikTok account when one of her videos went viral.

Later Raffa deleted her Tiktok account, which is not known to the public to this date but now shares her beautiful pictures on her Instagram.

Even though she doesn’t work as a model, her followers refer to her as one on Instagram and Tiktok.

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Raffa Castro Siblings

The Filipino model has four siblings, and she gets along well with all four siblings.

Not much is known about her siblings besides their names: Gabriella Castro, Mio Castro, Alfonso Castro, and Claire Castro.

Her sister Claire Castro is also a popular Actress and social media influencer in the Phillippines.

Raffa Castro Siblings
Raffa Castro with her Siblings and her family (Source: Instagram)

The model, Raffa, doesn’t like to talk about her brothers and sisters much, but they get along very well.

As we know, she was born into a large family and a high rich profile family. Her father was also trendy in the Philippines.

Her love for her siblings is a special and unique bond; they often share experiences and memories whenever they need to meet.

Overall the love of her siblings and her family has shaped her life and has influenced her to become what she is now.

Raffa Castro Parents: Diego Castro III And Raven Villanueva

As revealed above, she was born into a wealthy and high-profile family to her famous actor and broadcaster father, Diego Castro III, and her mother, Raven Villanueva. 

Her father first married Raven Villanueva twice, fathered her four kids, and is now married to co-anchor Angela Lagunzad.

Raffa having a famous father was both a blessing and a challenge because having a well-known and respected father provided her with many opportunities and advantages.

At the same time, it also created pressure and expectation for her to live up to her father’s reputation and accomplishments.

In this case, she may have felt living in her father’s shadow.

Having a famous father, some may feel inspired and supported by their father’s success, while others may feel overshadowed or even resentful of his fame.

At last, Raffa must have felt empowered and supported to pursue her ambitions. With the correct mindset, attitude, and support network she can get even more success and overcome any challenges.

Raffa Castro Relationship

It has been reported that Raffa Castro and Joaquin Domagoso are dating. In addition to being a well-known actor and model, Joaquin is of Filipino origin.

He is also the son of famous people Diana Lynn Ditan and Isko Moreno.

Additionally, he is the biological father of Scott Angelo Castro, Castro’s son.

Isko Moreno, his father, is a politician and Actor who formerly held the office of Mayor of Manila from June 30, 2016, until June 30, 2022.

Raffa Castro Siblings
Raffa Castro shared this picture with her boyfriend Jaoquin (Source: gmanetwork)

Raffa is now married to his boyfriend Joaquin, but they are in a committed relationship and have one child together.

In their committed relationship, both consciously decided to be exclusive and dedicated to each other.

They have a strong emotional bond and often share pictures of them enjoying their lives.

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