Paul Love Is Blind Arrested

Paul Love Is Blind Arrested: What Happened & Where Is He Now?

News is circulating about one of the contestants; Paul Love Is Blind arrested. Is the news of Paul being arrested legit? Read the article till the end to learn about the arrest news. 

Paul’s full name is Paul Peden. He is an environmental scientist by profession. However, he gained the media limelight after joining the fourth season of Love Is Blind as one of the contestants.

Since then, his name is often connected with some pretty lady contestants, especially Micah Lussier.

Further, he was born in 1994 and resided in Seattle, Washington, USA. Currently, Paul’s age is 29 years. 

For now, let’s know about his getting arrested recently.

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Paul Love Is Blind Arrested?

Being a celebrity is a two-edged sword, as anything you do can be breaking news. The same thing happened to Paul as the cops arrested him. 

Twenty hours ago, Paul uploaded a video of being arrested. The 29-year-old reality star was getting handcuffed by a Police while he was on his way to breakfast. 

Unfortunately, there is no evidence of an argument between the cops and Paul in the video, which is why it is challenging to know the reason for his arrest. 

Paul Love Is Blind Arrested
Paul Love Is Blind Arrested (Source: Instagram)

When he was getting handcuffed, his friend Zack Goytowski came to his defense and said,

“What’s going on, Paul, Don’t talk, don’t say anything.”

As not much information about Paul’s arrest has surfaced, we are trying to dig out every valid information about him getting handcuffed.

What Happened To Love Is Blind Star Paul Peden?

We know that Paul and Micah Lussier were a lovey-dovey couple during Love Is Blind season four. The show came to an end on April 12th.

While on the reality show, Paual and Micah shared their family-oriented values and traveling interests, ultimately pulling them closer. However, Micah also considered another relationship with a contestant, Kwame Appiah. 

In the end, she ended things with Kwame and came to Paul. Unfortunately, their relationship started falling apart after their decision about living and working started clashing.

Paul wanted to settle in Seattle. However, Micah wanted to move to Arizona. As the commotion started rising, their friends started sharing their concerns.

Ultimately, they didn’t tie the knot, and Micah left the altar crying.

What Happened Between Paul And Micah?

While exchanging vows at the altar, the priest asked Micah whether she wanted Paul to be her husband, and she passed the question to Paul.

Micah and Paul
Micah and Paul (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Without a doubt, it was controversial, but she later justified her action by saying,

“I did it was because I felt like the only way I could get a true answer from Paul was for him to answer first.”

After the controversial action, Paul expressed his utmost love toward Micah but ended by saying they were not ready for marriage.

Where Is Paul Right Now?

Even though Paul and Micah didn’t tie the knot, they have been under the radar since Love Is Blind ended. So, whether they are in a relationship or parted ways is still a mystery.

Reportedly, the news of Paul getting arrested is getting viral; he might be in Police custody.

On the other hand, there is speculation of Paul’s fake arrest so he doesn’t have to go to the reunion of Love Is Blind Casts and meet Micah there.  

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Paul Peden Age And Wikipedia

Paul Peden is a 29-year-old participant in the fourth season of the popular reality show Love Is Blind.

He hails from New Orleans and has a degree in environmental science from the University of Northern Alabama.

He is a policy consultant at Blue Environmental in Seattle, Washington.

Apart from his nerdy personality, Peden is known for his love for nature and outdoor activities like hiking and traveling to places with lots of water.

He also has a dog whom he loves dearly. While he was engaged to Micah Lussier on the show, he ultimately decided not to marry her.

Despite his bad luck in dating, he remains optimistic and hopes to find someone who appeals to his inner yearnings.

Paul Peden is a contestant in the fourth season of the reality show Love Is Blind. He is an environmental scientist from New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the show, he got engaged to Micah Lussier but ultimately decided not to marry her, and the couple dated briefly after the show before ending things.

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