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Tik Tok has become a great platform to introduce new stars every day from the past few years. Noen Eubanks is also among those whose few seconds funny video made them a renowned celebrity by night. Not to mention, this 19 years old boy is picked by 74-year-old French Fashion brand Celine.

Noen Eubanks age
The 19 years old model Noen Eubanks

Yesterday Noen was making small videos, and now he is posing for the photographer. His gothic style, dyed hair in blue, blonde, bleach, and pop culture style surely reflect that he is a fan of Billie Eilish. There are a lot of things that you might not know about this handsome. But do not worry, in this article we will talk about this handsome in brief;

Who Is Noen Eubanks?- Short Bio

This handsome is a Tik Toker who later turned into a model which his look and elegance. There are a lot of fans who are stalking him every time on social media. But there are rarely any people who know the inside of Noen. This fantastic model is somewhere from Atlanta.

Noen Eubanks height
The 5 feet 11 inches tall TikToker Noen Eubanks

Later on, this American TikToker liked his gothic more like anime characters. But going outside looking like that was totally a challenge for him, but as the day passed on, he felt confident about himself. Hence a new Noen style was born. Moreover, this handsome likes to play with his hair and dyes it in colors such as blue, blonde, red, pink, and many more.

There is no denying this tall model is hot. His high cheekbones, pale skin, pouty lips, and floppy hair are the combination that resembles the look of classic Hedi Slimane’s male model. To sum up the look, Noen is blessed with icy blue eyes, which completes his look.

Childhood and Education

Noen Eubanks is his real name, and he spent his childhood happily in Loganville, Georgia, the United States of America. But he traveled a lot between Hawaii to Georgia when he was a kid. After the divorce of his parents, he did not have to move here and there.

Soon this TikToker’s mother remarried, and for Eubanks, that was not a good memory. Speaking of education, this pretty model enrolled in Loganville High School and graduated from there in 2019. Additionally, Eubanks is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Noen Eubanks Tik Tok Journey

At first, this 5 feet 11 inches tall model joined YouTube and opened its own channel in 2013. There he has uploaded some hilarious video. But he rose to prominence from It is the first version of Tik Tok and popular than that too.

It all started when Eubanks downloaded the app and recorded a video just to send his brother a funny video. After completing his first objective, he deleted the app. That time the app was on the market for two months.

His video became very popular, and it already has more than 100 viewers. People were still talking about him. That is the time when something crossed Noen’s mind. He thought he could do it and started uploading many videos.

Noen Eubanks cover
Noen Eubanks appeared on the cover of The Face.

In particular, Eubanks uploaded funny videos that weren’t actually funny, according to him. However, everything changed on January 2 when he did something that feared him the most in his life. It received a lot of viewers and a lot of positive responses.

This 19 years old model thought he should do it if he wanted to hit a certain milestone. Also, it was the first un-ironic video he had uploaded. It wasn’t him joking around; Noen posted a short video of him being himself. Despite all this, he took down the video after an hour. People loved it and enjoyed it a lot.

Journey As A Celine Male Model

At one point, this muser was depressed and contemplating whether to live or die. Later he was on his way to London for an audition. To be precise, Noen attended a dinner with his friend when a woman approached him outside the restaurant.

Eubanks recalls the day, and she asked, “She was like you are beautiful. What do you do? Who are you?”. Even more, the woman was working for CELINE and was trying to cast him for his brand. Therefore this handsome was on the flight from LA to London.

Noen Eubanks profession
The new face of Celine Noen Eubanks

Noen did not even know what Celine was, and knowing Hedi Slimane was a far cry during that time. Fortunately, this marvelous TikToker attracted them, and soon he signed a contract with the famous brand.

Nonetheless, Noen fitted for the role and became the face of the brand. After some time, Hedi photographed this hottie. That time, he nailed the classic Slimane look. Eubanks looked marvelous in an iconic black and white cloth, a leather jacket on top, and a cropped T-shirt to sum up the look.

Who Is Noen Eubanks Girlfriend? Is He Gay?

First thing first, Noen’s sexual orientation is straight. He is not gay, bisexual, or any other gender people have been rumoring about. From his Tik Tok video, many people speculate him to be not straight. That’s not all; painting nails and putting make up does not make you gay.

His sexuality has been asked about several times on the media. For that, he has only one reply, and that is,

“I don’t think I’m old enough and experienced enough to say I like this or I like that. I like a lot of people. If you’re a good person, I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl. It doesn’t really matter.”

There is no doubt that  Noen is cute, adorable, hot, and anyone would like to be his girl. But that lucky girl is the only one in the world. For the past few years, this hottie has not shared his girlfriend with the media.

Noen Eubanks
Noen Eubanks posing for a photo

By the look of it, Noen seems to have a romantic relationship with fellow TikToker Abby Roberts. Not to mention she makes various videos regarding make-up tutorials on the app. Until now, her fans surpass the number of six million and are increasing day by day.

Besides, the lovey-dovey couple has yet to confirm their relationship in the media. Whatever the case might be, Noen and Abby are loving their publicity and making new Tik Tok videos each day.

What Is The Net Worth of Noen Eubanks?

There is no denying that this Tik Toker makes a hefty amount of money from his career. In 2020, he sat on an impressive net worth of $500k. Keeping his work in an account is one hell of money, and that shows the tendency to increase any day now.

Likewise, this American model is currently working at Kyra TV, and according to him, Eubank’s salary is near 42 years old. Also, this fantastic persona launched his entertainment company last July.

Tik Tok–  10.2 million followers

Instagram–  3.1 million followers

YouTube–  409k subscribers

Twitter–  262.1k followers

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