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NBA Pascal Siakam Religion: Is He Catholic Or Christian? Family And Ethnicity

The question regarding Pascal Siakam Religion is frequently raised. Is he a Christian or Catholic? You can find it out through the article.

Pascal Siakam, a well-known professional Cameroonian basketball player, was born on April 2, 1994. His origin is from Doula, Cameroon.

This fantastic basketball player plays for the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association(NBA).

Coming from a basketball family, a 15-year-old kid, Siakam, started playing basketball. When he knew he wanted to pursue his career in the sports line, he moved to the United States. 

Siakam attended New Mexico State University and played college basketball in the beginning. 

His dedication and passion for basketball got him selected 27th overall by the Toronto Raptors in the 2016 NBA draft.

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Pascal Siakam Religion: Is He Catholic Or Christian?

Pascal was “hand-picked to incorporate his family’s Catholicism,” according to an ESPN story. 

This statement is evident enough to understand that he came from a Catholic family. Therefore, he is not a Christian. 

Siakam spent much of his youth at the St. Andrews Seminary, training for the priesthood in a small town called Bafia. His father enrolled him there at the same age of 11. 

Pascal Siakam with his dad, who enrolled him in priesthood training. (Source: Instagram)

By age fifteen, Pascal knew he didn’t want to become a Catholic priest. So, he went on following his dream to become a basketball player.

However, Pascal says that the experience and learning from his training to become a priest have strongly shaped and directed him in his journey.

He learned how to take responsibility and care for himself independently. So, going out there in the world himself, finding a way and fighting on his own were the values he learned there. 

Pascal Siakam Family And Ethnicity

Pascal Siakam was born to middle-class Cameroonian Parents. He has three brothers and two sisters, according to various sources. 

At the moment, his ethnicity is unclear. Even the NBA player Pascal hasn’t shared his ethnic background yet with the public.

Pascal’s father is Tchamo Siakam, the former mayor of Makenene, Cameroon.

His mother’s name is Victoria Siakam. However, only a little information regarding his mother is revealed publicly, but we know that his mother is a housewife whose husband had died.

Pascal Siakam with his family at the NBA Awards. (Source: Instagram)

Pascal’s father had a car crash in October 2014 and died during the accident.

Meanwhile, Pascal could not attend his fathers’ funeral because he was engaged in getting insurance for a new U.S. visa.

Being the youngest of three of his brothers, he always received a lot of love and support.

His siblings are Boris, Christian and James Siakam, and all played NCAA Division I basketball in the USA.

Pascal should have been influenced and inspired to pursue his career as an athlete due to his brothers.

Pascal Siakam Networth

According to the recent update, the Networth worth of Pascal Siakam is $35 million. 

He has earned more than $90 million just from his salary itself. He has also earned an additional $20 million in bonuses from parental doctors.

Aside from bonuses and 70s, he has earned around $5 million in endorsement fees.

Pascal Siakam traveling (Source: Instagram)

Pascal is a man with a golden heart. He recently donated $10 million to the government of Cameroon. He is known for giving to the community he came from. 

He now resides in New York City, and his new house is valued at $4 million.

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