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NBA What Is Mo Bamba Ethnicity? Family And Religion

Mo Bamba Ethnicity has caught the attention of many NBA fans. People are excited to learn about the NBA player Mo Bamba’s personal life and family background, which will be covered in today’s article.

Mohamed Bamba, also known as Mo Bamba, is a professional center NBA player born May 12, 1998, in New York City, New York.

Mo Bamba first started to show his interest in basketball at the very young age of six. He was inspired by the popularity of the basketball game in his hometown.

The sixth overall choice in the 2018 NBA Draft, Mo Bamba is most renowned for his rim protection and suffocating defense.

The very talented and highly skilled Mo Bamba is soon turning 25. He is still very young as a basketball player, but his performances during his game and his fiery personality helped him gain popularity quickly.

 Besides his professional career, he feels proud of his Ethnicity and Religion and is very vocal about the discrimination he faced due to his family background. 

Let’s hear his story in the following article.

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What Is Mo Bamba Ethnicity?

Mo Bamba’s parents, Lancine and Aminata Bamba were originally from the Ivory Coast( Cote d’ivoire)

His parents didn’t meet each other until they moved to the United States on their own, separately. 

So, Mo Bamba is of Ivorian descent, and his family hails from the Ivory Coast of West Africa.

Mo Bamba has always been proud of his Ethnicity and vocally talks about the bullying he faces in his early days.

In many interviews, he talked about the teasing and discrimination he faced for being an African. 

Furthermore, he has taken pride inin his Ethnicity and family background over time.

Mo Bamba Foundation
The Mo Bamba Foundation . ( Source: Instagram)

In his home country, he has started a foundation called “The Mo Bamba Foundation” to help those in need.  

In August 2022, the foundation unveiled a new basketball facility at SOS Village Abobo-Gare in Abidjan, Cote D’ivoire.

Mo Bamba Family And Religion

Mohamed Fakaba, aka Mo Bamba, is the son of Lancine Bamba and Aminata Johnson.

So, as a whole, Mo Bamba is of Ivorian descent, and his family hails from the Ivory Coast of west Africa.

Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba is a proud African with great faith in the Muslim religion. ( Source: Instagram)

He also has a family heritage in Mali which is a Muslim Country. So, he might have been raised in a Muslim household, although he hasn’t publicly shared and talked about his belief in the Muslim religion.

However, he has been vocal about his bullying experience and talked about his pride in his African heritage and Muslim faith.

Mo Bamba Siblings

According to some online sources, Mo Mamba has two elder half-brothers, Sidki Johnson and Ibrahim Johnson.

Both his brothers are from his mother’s previous marriage.

Sidki and Mohammad are six years apart in age. Similarly, Ibrahim and Mo are just four years apart.

Sidiki’s collegiate basketball career was cut short after only three games at Arizona and 11 at Providence due to disciplinary troubles.

Mo Bamba
Mo Bamba with his brothers. ( Source: Instagram )

According to some sources, Sidiki was also sentenced to four years in prison for robbery at Greene Correctional Facility.

 While on the other hand, Ibrahim, Mo’s other half-brother, graduated from Hostos- Lincoln Academy in 2011. 

He also played collegiate basketball in his college.

Ibrahim gained attention from the public when he publicly accused his brother, Mo, of receiving benefits from a financial adviser in a 22-minute Facebook live video.

Unfortunately, he died from a deadly gunshot wound on October 18, 202.

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