Moira Dela Torre Husband

Moira Dela Torre Husband Name 2023: Split From Ex Jason Marvin

Discover all the details about Moira Dela Torre husband, including their relationship, separation, and current relationship status.

Moira Dela Torre, born November 4, 1993, is a talented Filipino singer-songwriter.

Hailing from Olongapo, Philippines, she kick-started her career as a voice artist, lending her vocals to corporate jingles and theme songs.

In 2013, Moira gained widespread recognition when she competed in the reality singing competition, The Voice of The Philippines.

Following her stint on the show, she released her debut EP titled “Moira.”

However, her captivating interpretation of Libertine Amistoso’s “Titibo-Tibo” in the Himig Handog music video competition propelled her to fame. The song garnered significant attention and emerged as the competition’s winner.

Moira’s soothing and soulful voice and her heartfelt songwriting resonate deeply with audiences. 

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Moira Dela Torre Husband Name 2023

As of 2023, details about Moira Dela Torre’s new boyfriend are not publicly available.

After her separation from Jason Hernandez in May 2022, Moira announced having a new boyfriend; however, she has not disclosed his name or specific details about their relationship.

Moira Dela Torre Husband 1
The Filipino singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre looks absolutely adorable performing in Cebu City. (Image Source: Instagram)

Moira and Jason, who married in 2019, decided to part ways following Jason’s admission of infidelity.

While there may be ongoing developments in Moira’s personal life, including her new relationship, the specific information regarding her boyfriend’s identity remains undisclosed.

It is important to note that my knowledge cutoff was in September 2021, and any updates or changes regarding Moira Dela Torre’s romantic life beyond that date would require current information.

Moira Dela Torre Split From Ex Jason Marvin

Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin announced their breakup in May 2022 after three years of marriage.

The split came after Jason admitted to being unfaithful, offering public apologies to both Moira and their fans.

Before the official announcement, fans noticed that Moira had deleted all traces of Jason from her social media accounts, fueling rumors of a potential breakup.

Moira Dela Torre Husband 2
Moira Dela Torre split with her ex- Husband in 2022 after three years of marriage. (Image Source: CNN Philippines)

Following the news, Moira broke her silence and clarified that although their marriage was never perfect, she had remained faithful and did not cheat on Jason.

In September 2022, Jason released a song titled “Ako Nalang,” which many speculated was about his relationship with Moira.

The lyrics referenced their previous collaboration and hinted at the challenges they faced.

The breakup marked a difficult chapter in their lives, garnering attention and sparking discussions among fans and followers of their music. 

Moira Dela Torre Dating History

Moira Dela Torre’s dating history is not widely known or publicly disclosed.

As a private individual, she has successfully kept her personal relationships out of the public eye.

While there may have been few relationships in her past, the details and names of her previous partners remain undisclosed.

Moira has not been previously engaged and does not have any children.

Moira Dela Torre Husband
Moira Dela Torre captured during a dinner night with her ex-husband. (Image Source: Push ABS- CBN)

Like many celebrities, Moira values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life separate from her public persona.

As of 2023, her dating history remains unknown mainly as she focuses on her music career and maintaining a private personal life.

Her unique musical style and emotional performances have captivated listeners, earning her a dedicated fan base.

With her undeniable talent and musical artistry, Moira Dela Torre continues to impact the Filipino music industry profoundly.

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