Matthew Mcgreevy Affair

Matthew Mcgreevy Affair And Scandal: Who Is He Dating 2023?

The Matthew McGreevy Affair: a captivating tale of mentorship turned romance that has rocked the entertainment industry, unveiling hidden secrets and unexpected twists that have left the public spellbound.

According to an exclusive revelation by Politicalite, Phillip Schofield, 61, was seen dining in a restaurant with an alleged ‘toyboy lover’ back in March 2019, leading to speculation about an affair behind the back of Mathew McGreevy. 

The sighting occurred at the Bluebird Restaurant, next to the ITV Daytime Studios at Television Centre in West London. It is known for its upscale ambiance and expensive Champagne selection, with bottles priced up to £130.

A source who witnessed the encounter shared their observations with Politicalite, expressing surprise at Schofield’s presence with another man and questioning his sexual orientation, as Schofield was known to be married to Mathew McGreevy. 

The sighting sparked rumors and speculation surrounding the nature of Schofield’s relationship with his alleged ‘toyboy lover.’

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Matthew Mcgreevy Affair

Former This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield recently faced scandalous revelations of an affair with a younger member of the ITV staff, alleged to be showrunner Matthew McGreevy, 34 years his junior.

Schofield, who publicly came out as gay after 27 years of marriage, has faced backlash and consequences in the wake of the affair.

The news led to his departure from ITV and strained his relationship with former co-host Holly Willoughby.

Matthew Mcgreevy Affair
Matthew McGreevy, with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

While neither party has confirmed the identity of the individual involved in the affair, Schofield made a shocking statement acknowledging the affair with a younger colleague from This Morning.

This revelation deeply affected ITV executives and show staff, leading to his dismissal from the network and the cancellation of his hosting duties at the British Soap Awards.

Schofield’s talent agency, YMU Entertainment, swiftly ended their longstanding partnership, citing a breach of trust and conflicting information that emerged.

The affair’s aftermath has strained Schofield’s friendship with Willoughby and prompted him to take legal measures to protect his privacy.

Matthew Mcgreevy Scandal

The Matthew McGreevy scandal involving Phillip Schofield has caused a media frenzy. It is alleged that Schofield had an affair with McGreevy, a former This Morning runner, behind the back of Schofield’s husband.

The controversy began in March 2019 when Schofield was spotted dining with an alleged ‘toyboy lover’ in an expensive restaurant in West London.

A source who witnessed the encounter expressed surprise and questioned Schofield’s sexual orientation.

The affair rumors have fueled speculation about the reasons for Schofield’s split with McGreevy.

There have also been suggestions of potential abuse of power and grooming due to their prior interactions and McGreevy’s young age when they first met.

The revelations have strained Schofield’s relationship with his former co-host Holly Willoughby, and there have been reports of tension on the set of This Morning.

The scandal has resulted in Schofield’s departure from ITV and the cancellation of his hosting duties.

Who Is Matthew Mcgreevy Dating 2023?

As of 2023, there is limited information regarding Matthew McGreevy’s current dating status.

Matthew McGreevy gained public attention due to his involvement in the grooming controversy surrounding Philip Schofield, a well-known television personality.

It was revealed that McGreevy, introduced to Schofield at 10 through their participation in a theater company, became his protégé and romantic partner.

During his career, Matthew McGreevy had success as a former varsity athlete in two sports at Sacred Heart, helping the Pioneer teams win six Northeast Conference golf championships.

Matthew Mcgreevy Affair
Picture of Matthew alongside Phillip Schofield. (Source: Dreshare)

With his vast knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry, Philip Schofield acted as a mentor to the young McGreevy, providing valuable advice, encouragement, and guidance.

However, the exact age of Matthew McGreevy remains undisclosed to the public, making it challenging to determine his current age in 2023.

Schofield, who recently departed the daytime TV program, has acknowledged having a “consensual on-off relationship” while still married to his wife of 30 years, Stephanie Lowe.

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