Mary Fitzgerald Ethnicity

Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald Ethnicity: Christian Faith Or Jewish

Uncover Mary Fitzgerald ethnicity and background as she rises to fame on Selling Sunset. Discover her captivating journey in the real estate industry.

Mary Fitzgerald, formerly known as Mary Bonnet, is a highly regarded estate agent on the popular series Selling Sunset.

Renowned for her composed demeanor and ambitious approach to her career, she has captured the hearts of fans.

Throughout the show, Mary has showcased her expertise by handling remarkable multi-million dollar listings, impressing viewers with her professionalism and determination.

Originally hailing from the United States, Mary’s professional journey has led her to various locations. 

In LA, Mary currently resides, dedicating her time to filming Selling Sunset and contributing to the Oppenheim Group’s success.

Mary’s versatility, strong work ethic, and ability to adapt to different markets have established her as a valued member of the Selling Sunset cast.

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Selling Sunset Mary Fitzgerald Ethnicity

Mary Fitzgerald, a prominent member of the Selling Sunset cast, belongs to the white ethnicity and heritage.

Born and raised in Brandon, South Dakota, in the United States of America, she proudly identifies with her American nationality.

Growing up in Brandon, Mary was shaped by her surroundings and the cultural influences of her community.

Mary Fitzgerald Ethnicity 1
Introducing Mary Bonnet (Fitzgerald) for Goss Magazine No21 High Rollers. Styled by Janeller Miller. (Image Source: Instagram)

As a member of the white ethnic group, she represents a diverse range of individuals with ancestral roots tracing back to various European countries.

Mary’s ethnicity, while an essential aspect of her identity, does not solely define her. Her accomplishments as a successful estate agent and her captivating presence on Selling Sunset have garnered admiration from fans worldwide.

Mary’s journey showcases the significance of embracing personal backgrounds and the diversity that enriches our society.

Mary Fitzgerald Religion: Christian Or Jewish?

Mary Fitzgerald’s religion is Christianity. She was born into a well-settled Christian family and followed the Christian faith.

While specific details about her religious beliefs and practices are not widely discussed, her background indicates her affiliation with Christianity.

Mary Fitzgerald Religion
 Real estate agent Mary Fitzgerald is of Christian Faith. (Image Source: Instagram)

It is important to note that no information suggests that Mary Fitzgerald practices Judaism or follows the Jewish faith.

As a member of a Christian family, Mary’s upbringing and values likely align with the teachings and traditions of Christianity.

Her religious background, though a personal aspect of her life, adds to the diverse tapestry of beliefs and experiences represented among the Selling Sunset cast.

Mary Fitzgerald Parents and Family

Mary Fitzgerald has managed to maintain a level of privacy regarding her personal life, which includes limited information about her parents.

There are no disclosed details available about her parents or their identities.

Additionally, whether Mary has any siblings remains unknown, as she has not made any public statements regarding her siblings or family structure.

Mary’s marital status changed when she tied the knot with her husband, Romain Bonnet, in an intimate wedding ceremony in October 2019.

Mary Fitzgerald Husband
Mary Fitzgerald With her Husband, Romain Bonnet. (Image Source: Instagram)

Romain, a 29-year-old model from France, appeared on Selling Sunset after their marriage in season two. The couple has been seen sharing affectionate moments, even spotted in London.

Mary is a devoted mother to her 26-year-old son, Austin, whom she had when she was 16. She has openly shared that she raised him as a single mother, showcasing her strength and dedication to her family.

While the specific details about Mary’s parents and potential siblings remain undisclosed, her journey as a mother and wife has been glimpsed on Selling Sunset, allowing viewers to witness her personal growth and relationships.

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