Mark Feehily Siblings

Mark Feehily Siblings: Meet Brother Colin And Barry Feehily

Enter the vibrant world of Mark Feehily siblings, whose ties are as strong as their passion for exploration. 

On May 28, 1980, Irish singer Mark Feehily was born in Sligo. He is one of the band Westlife’s two lead singers. He was in the Westlife group with Brian McFadden.

The record he made as an homage to Frank Sinatra is called Allow Us to Be Frank.

With 15 number-one appearances, Feehily is the LGBT artist with the highest charting position on the UK Singles Chart.

He co-wrote all fifteen tracks on Feehily’s debut solo album, several songs for Westlife, and a ton of unreleased material.

Moreover, he disclosed on social media that he co-wrote the 2020 single “One of a Kind” for Ronan Keating and Emeli SandĂ© with Shane Filan.

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Mark Feehily Siblings: Meet Brother Colin And Barry Feehily

For Mark Feehily, there are two brothers. He is the eldest of his siblings. Barry and Colin Feehily are the names of his brothers.

In 2012, Colin earned a Marketing with Public Relations and Event Management degree at IT Sligo. Colin Feehily is Sligo Rovers’ CEO .

The Club’s management committee strategically decided to create the CEO position in 2019 with the goal of growth and advancement.

Mark Feehily Siblings
Mark Feehily with his family.

The chairman of Sligo Rovers, Tommy Higgins, conveyed his gratitude by saying, “Colin has led the club through a period of growth in many areas over the last four years.”

“He has been instrumental in keeping the Club’s everyday activities up to date and putting necessary systems in place.

Colin’s unwavering dedication and maintaining the Club’s reputation are much appreciated.

 On the other hand, not much is known about Barry Feehily.  Strong bonds were established and fostered by Mark Feehily with both Colin and Barry.

Mark Feehily Parents Details

Oliver and Marie Feehily, Mark’s parents, are still relatively unknown and have little public record.

What is known, though, is that they took in and reared Mark Feehily together with his siblings.

Although there aren’t many specifics regarding Mark Feehily’s parents, it is impossible to overestimate their influence on his upbringing and encouragement of his musical goals.

Oliver and Marie, like many parents, probably had a significant influence in giving Mark Feehily and his siblings support, love, and direction as they overcame obstacles in life and followed their aspirations.

Although hardly much is known about Mark Feehily’s parents, there is no denying their impact on his life and professional path.

Furthermore, there’s little doubt that their love and support shaped him into the person and athlete he became.

Mark Feehily Partner: Is He Married?

Mark came clean about his sexual orientation in a 2005 interview with The Sun.

He also disclosed his relationship with British fashion photographer Kevin McDaid, a former member of the boyband V at that time.

2010 saw the couple get engaged. However, they announced their breakup a year later.

Mark Feehily Siblings
Mark Feehily with his husband and daughter. (Source: Thesun)

In 2017, Mark said that he had been dating for four years. He said, “Now that I’m seeing an Irishman, it works out well for us both to be back in Ireland, where our relatives live near by.”

They were engaged while on vacation in the Maldives’ Hurawalhi Islands and announced their engagement on Instagram in January 2019.

Mark and his fiancĂ©, Cailean O’Neill, announced their daughter Layla’s surrogate birth on October 3, 2019. She was born in the US through surrogacy.

The musician discussed his child’s first word and what he anticipated touring as a father last year on Loose Women.

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