Loren Schauers Forklift

Loren Schauers Forklift Accident Footage Gone Viral Teen Left With Amputed Body

Loren Schauers Forklift Accident Footage is going viral on the internet. Schauers was working on a bridge when he plummeted 50 feet and was crushed by a truck.

A builder struck by a forklift and split in two has posted terrible images of when the vehicle fell on him.

Since being struck by the truck, Loren Schauers, now 21, has endured a complex recovery process and lost three limbs.

Three years after the incident in September 2019—which resulted in the loss of limbs—the laborer claimed he still experiences phantom pain.

To preserve his life, Loren bravely consented to have a hemicorperectomy and have everything below the waist amputated.

According to the Daily Star, he had now posted pictures of when the forklift nearly killed him.

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Loren Schauers Forklift Accident Footage Video: What Happened?

In September 2019, Loren Schauers was operating a forklift on a bridge when he fell 50 feet, severing his arm and crushing his lower body.

His family was forced to make the heartbreaking choice of asking physicians to split him in half to save him or risk Loren regretting they hadn’t.

The construction worker asked for the life-saving surgery while still looking the physician “dead in the eye” after later being able to talk for himself.

Loren Schauers Forklift Accident
Loren Schauers Forklift shared a photo when he was at the hospital (Source- LAD Bible ).

With the aid of his loyal wife, Sabia Reiche, 23, Loren, a resident of Great Falls, Montana, has been able to live without his legs and right forearm for the past two years.

The laborer made the courageous choice to allow physicians to amputate from his belly downwards to preserve his life after the vehicle crushed his lower torso and severed his arm.

Since the accident, he has had difficulty recovering, and the Mirror reports that the now-21-year-old is still experiencing phantom pain from missing limbs three years later.

Loren Schauers Footage Gone Viral Teen Left With Amputed Body

A significant video chronicling the long journey of a boy who had to have half of his body amputated after being crushed by a forklift truck was released to celebrate the accident’s third anniversary.

In Great Falls, Montana, on September 27, 2019, Loren Schauers, 19, was operating an industrial truck crossing a bridge when he lost control, fell 50 feet to the earth, and became pinned beneath the huge machine.

Loren, now 22 years old, was fully conscious the entire time. When he looked down, he discovered that his right arm had erupted, and everything below his hips had been crushed.

In September 2019, Loren was employed as a laborer on a construction site for a project to renovate a bridge.

When vehicles began forcibly passing him through the red lights of a traffic light while he was operating a forklift over a highway bridge outside of Wilsal, Montana.

As one car passed him in the dramatically condensed single lane, Loren veered dangerously close to the edge of the bridge, and the ground gave way beneath him.

He tried to leap off the forklift as it fell, but the seatbelt caught his leg and threw him from the equipment as it fell 50 feet down a steep hill.

Loren Schauers Health Update 2023

During the challenging and uncommon procedure, Loren’s legs, genitalia, urinary system, pelvic bones, anus, and rectum must be removed. Schauers’ right arm was also removed after being seriously hurt in the collision.

In a recent YouTube video, Schauer said he can remain upbeat while dealing with chronic discomfort.

Schauers is now talking openly about adjusting to life without his limbs, nearly three years after losing practically all of them.

Loren Schauers Forklift Girlfriend
Loren Schauers Forklift with his Girlfriend (Source- Daily Mail ).

Sabia Reiche, 23, had been Schauers’ girlfriend for about 18 months at the time of the accident.

Reiche supported her boyfriend after his life-changing surgery, and the two grew closer. Since their marriage, Reiche has become her husband’s main caregiver.

Due to his mobility limitations, Reiche regularly showers Schauers and replaces his colostomy bag. In collaborative YouTube films, the unselfish partner and Schauers show off their commitment to one another.

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