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A face that glows and reflects like a glass, lips that are always red tint are the special feature of Lee Sung Kyung. The majority of people in the industry know her as an actress, but very few know that she is a marvelous model. She struts way down the ramp as if she owns the place and makes sure that her apparel is reaching the audience.

Lee Sung Kyung age
The 30 years old model Lee Sung Kyung

Fans were disappointed when her relationship ended with Nam Joo Hyuk after dating for a few months. Some want to know that spicy gossip, while some want those flawless bodies like hers. In this article, we will reveal her body shaping tips and relationship with Nam without further ado. Before that, let’s know some quick facts;

Who Is Lee Sung Kyung?- Short Bio

Lee, aka 이성경, is a beautiful model, actress, singer, host, and what not? She was born in the beautiful place of Goyang, Gyeonggi, in Korea. She spent her early childhood along with her family. They were always supportive and motivating when it comes to her profession. Unfortunately, there is no data about her family’s name and whereabouts.

Lee Sung Kyung age
Lee Sung Kyung when she was a kid

Similar is the case with her siblings; there is no valid information even if she has one. Speaking of education, it appears that Kyung has accomplished her high school. She has been to Dongduk Women’s University and graduated from there in 2016 February. Also, this model is Korean by nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity.

How Old Is Lee Sung Kyung?- Age Height and Body Measurement

This brilliant model was born in the year 1990, on August 10. In 2020, she is 30 years old and falls under the star sign of Leo. Like her sign suggests, Lee is talented, hard-working, and humorous.

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Being a model, Lee stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm, which is perfect to be in the fashion industry. She has maintained her weight up to 121 pounds, which translates to 55 kg in general. There is no denying that Kyong is listed among the hot model or actress of the Korean industry.

Lee Sung Kyung height
The 5 feet 9 inches tall model Lee Sung Kyung

Sadly her vital statistics still remain in the dark. To sum up the look, she likes to dye her hair in several colors, and among them, blonde suits her pretty well. Also, her big black eyes seem very attractive.

Lee Sung-Kyung Diets

Undoubtedly, Lee has a flawless body figure that every girl desires. But that is all thanks to her daily routines and strict diet. She likes to hit the gym more often than not. In the gym, Kyung majorly focuses on the core workouts as it helps to speed up her metabolism.


After that, this model goes for a diet and ignores all the food that highly contains gluten. However, going through a strong diet, Lee makes sure that she does not starve herself up because that may result in an adverse effect on her body.

Professional Career

This stunning model initiated her career by competing in the local Super Model Contest in 2008. After that, she modeled for the label YG K-Plus in 2008. That modeling contract made her recognize Lee as “Korea’s Gigi Hadid” throughout Korea.

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In 2014, Lee made her debut in the drama. It’s Okay This Is Love and portrayed the role of Ahn So Nyeo. She was offered this role because the producer, Kim Kyo-Tae‘s daughter, is the biggest fan of Kyung. Kim was in search of an actress, and that was the time Lee’s name popped into her head. Therefore, she got the role and received a lot of positive response from the fans.

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Until now this model-turned-actress has appeared in the movie such as Flower of Queen (2015), Cheese in the Trap (2016), The Doctors (2016), Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), About Time (2018), Dr. Romantic 2 (2020).

Lee Sung-Kyung Journey As A Singer

This model actress and singer has launched several kinds of music. Some of them are My Lips Like Warm Cofee, I Love You, True Colors, Get Back Up Again, My Only One Person, I Am What I Am, Tomorrow will be a better day, Show Time, and many more.

Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk

All fans were surprised when this couple made havoc in the industry by being a couple. Sources suggest that the love birds bumped into one another in the set of Weightlifting Fairy Kim bok-Joo. Their romantic chemistry, closeness, and different aura in the drama were all thanks to their relationship off-set.

However, that was a story of the year 2016. After being in a romantic relationship for a few months, they parted their ways. Also, the pair confirmed their breakup to the media, saying they two had a very busy schedule from their agency, YG Entertainment.

Lee Sung Kyung boyfriend
Nam Joo Hyuk with Lee Sung Kyung

Despite all of this, Nam has not deleted their cute picture on his social media. Both of them are in good terms but as a friend. That surely brings some hope to the fans that they will be together any time soon. We hope for the best, but it is all up to them.

Lee Sung-Kyung and Lee Seung Gi

Apart from Nam, Lee has been linked with several other Korean stars. In January 2018, things got haywire when this beautiful model and Lee Seung Gi‘s appeared as a groom and bride in an award show. The pair were selected as MCs for the famous music awards whole, 32nd Golden Disc Awards.

Soon after that, all eyes were on them. Lee wore a white dress that consisted of silver accessories, while Seung appeared in a plain black suit with a silver ornament on his chest. They looked more or less similar to the couple getting married.

Lee Sung Kyung
Source: i.pinimg.com

Things got even deep when at that time, Hyuk broke up with Lee, and Seung was also single after breaking up with his girlfriend from Girls Generation’s I’m Yoon-ah. As they were single, many fans speculated them to be in a relationship. However, neither of them confirmed the rumor.

Lee Sung-Kyung and Lee Jong Suk

This pretty lady was also rumored to be dating handsome Lee Jong-suk. But both parties claimed that they were not in a relationship. In fact, they have been friends for a decade now. In an interview, Kyung said,

I hope people won’t say that again. All images of my activities are accessible to everyone online, and it feels like I’m the only one they say has a ‘rich celebrity network’. It’s a shame. Because of this, people seem to think there is something special about me, but I really am no different from other artists. We only become close when working together. And that’s crazy, but there are many cases where I know someone before they became famous. “

Lee Sung Kyung boyfriend
Lee Sung Kyung with Lee Jong-Suk

Later she continued saying,

“As you know, I have been friends with Lee Jong Suk for 10 years. We all have one another’s ugliness from the past. I’m also close to Choi Tae-joon, we used to live in the same neighborhood. Since high school, I already have many good friends, male and female friends. Even if there are girls who can’t really match people, I will joke with them so they will be comfortable. For some reason, I’m always more comfortable around male friends. I can be a little freer and be less careful with people. Conversations are much more comfortable and there is quality feedback and so on, which I think is better for me. On the other hand, because we are close friends like that, they don’t see me as a woman. I have many male friends, but even in high school, I never really had a boyfriend.”

Lee Sung-Kyung and Eddy Kim

Once the internet was flooding with Lee and Eddy’s pictures, and many suspected them to be dating. Apparently, they were just co-workers. They got to know each other due to her duet with him for the upcoming new album names Sweet Kiss Like Coffee. In an interview, Eddy said,

“At first, I thought of other singers. The timing wasn’t right, and the cooperation is harder than you think. I saw Lee Sung-kyung’s video clip of singing, and I contacted her. I know Lee Sung- kyung personally, as well. Before my debut, I would hang out with Lee Sung-kyung by Han River, where we played guitar and hung out.”

What Is The Net Worth of Lee Sung Kyung?

There is no cast doubt that this fantastic model plus actress makes hefty money from her career. Her daily photoshoots, ad campaigns, and brand endorsement finally pay off to add some bucks to her bank balance.

Lee Sung Kyung net worth
Lee Sung Kyung sits on a net worth of $21 million.

In 2020, Lee sits on an impressive net worth of $21 million. Looking at her hardship and pace, this amount will increase any time soon. Unfortunately, there is no data about her cars, mansions, salary, and more. We will update the data soon.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 10.7 million followers

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