Khia Lopez Body, Career, Boyfriend & Net Worth

The social media platform has become one of the best ways to come out as a talented person. Khia Lopez is one of the struggling models who have garner thousands of fans in her social media accounts. The most special feature of this lady is her plumped lips, big eyes, and perfect face.

Khia Lopez age
Khia Lopez is 16 years old.

There might be a lot of things that you might not know about this hottie. But don’t worry, in this article, we will reveal each and everything you need to know about Khia. From her age, height, body, career, net worth, boyfriend, we will reveal them all. Before all this, let’s get started with some quick facts;

Parents and Siblings

This pretty girl was born in a beautiful place in California. Her father, James Lopez, was a bit strict while her mother, Tiffany Palladino, was very soft and calming. They always believed in herself ad motivated her to do whatever she wanted in her life.

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That might be the reason why she wanted adventure in her life, and modeling fulfilled the thrill. If any parents are like her, then the industry will be filled with talents and creative individuals.

Moving on, she is blessed to have two brothers Jett and Kash. Moreover, Khia is a round citizen of America who belongs to white ethnicity.

How Old Is Khia Lopez?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

It might be hard to believe that this young model was born in the year 1992. Hence in 2020, she is just 16 years old and celebrates her birthday each year on 29 August. Don’t go on her age as this model has accomplished most of the things at such a young age.

Khia might be young and inexperienced, but she can challenge the veteran of the fashion industry when it comes to modeling. Also falling under the sun sign of Virgo, she is tender, loving, and caring.

Khia Lopez height
Khia Lopez is 5 feet 3 inches tall.

It is inevitable for Lopez to have those hot bodies. She hits the gym more often to get those alluring looks. Her workout routines and healthy diets are far from the reach of the media. But just like every other model, she avoids carbohydrates and consumes more protein.

Her bust measures about 32 inches, her hips about 30 inches, and she has a small waist of 23 inches. Her hourglass figure has not only made men crazy, women want it too. Added to that, her tanned skin tone makes her look marvelous in a bikini, lingerie, and other apparel.

Being a model, Khia stands tall at the height of 5 feet 3 inches. Even more, she has maintained her body weight up to 49 kg. The most distinct characteristic feature of Lopez is her juicy lips. On top of that, she is blessed to have blonde hair and a pair of brown eyes.

Childhood and Education

Growing up in one of the powerful countries in the world, most of the facilities were provided with ease. Lopez’s family was a middle-class family who could afford necessities easily. Therefore we can conclude that her childhood was pretty decent.

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This 16 years old model is still young and goes to school. Not to mention she is pretty much famous in her school too. Her friends and teachers well recognize her work. More precisely, Lopez enrolls in John Glenn Middle School, located in California.

Professional Career

At the tender age of 10, Khia was learning in eight different classes to hone her skill. In 2014 she became active on Instagram, where she garnered tonnes of fans. After that, she worked on her mother’s blogging website named We’re So Fancy. Luckily it was enough to garner the attention of several modeling agencies.

As a result, Lopez endorsed several other brands such as Kidzkado, Trendsetter, and many more. Among all her work for FashionNova is commendable. Surprisingly Kia was reached out to be part of the Kimmel Show. Not to mention, she is also the youngest guest to appear in the show.

Apart from modeling, she is also active as a dancer. What’s surprising is that she was in the music video of famous rapper Post Malone’s Your. That surely grabbed the attention of most of the people and got a positive response.

Who Is The Boyfriend of Khia Lopez?

This 16 years old model is very broad-minded and career-focused. Her work enthusiasm and bubbly personality ha been able to garner thousands of fans all over the world. Not they are eager to know about her love life.

So what does Khia lookout in her life partner? The answer is simple all this lady wants is support and some life lesson from her partner. Scrolling through hundreds of posts through her Instagram account, we have come to one conclusion that she is not single.

Khia Lopez boyfriend
Khia Lopez with her boyfriend Crisitian Dior

In fact, according to her account, Khia is dating a handsome guy named Cristian Dior. He is 17 years old, and unlike this lady, he is not a model. They are very in love with each other, so much that they can not stop themselves from sharing romantic pictures in their account.

Some fans are happy to see her with someone, while others are just envious. Unfortunately, there is no proper data on how they know each other and when did they start dating. However, we suspect that they met in high school as they are so young.

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Being in a relationship, Lopez is more than happy. In their spare time, they are often spotted spending quality time with each other. In amidst all this, Khia is not distracted from her goal. Hence she is still determined to be a model and is working deliberately.

What Is The Net Worth of Khia Lopez?

There is no denying that this 5 feet 3 inches model has amassed plenty of money from her career. As mentioned above, don’t go in her age because she has offered more than her tender age.

Khia Lopez net worth
Khia Lopez sits on a net worth of $200k

According to some sources, Khia sits on an estimated net worth of $200k. This is just the beginning as when the time comes, and she will rank among the millionaire of the industry. Sadly her cars, mansions, and salary are still in the dark.

Her major way of earning is photoshoots, brand endorsement, ad campaigns, and more. Even more, she invites extra money from her Instagram posts and Youtube channel. Further information will be updated soon till then, stay tuned.

Social Media Presence

Undoubtedly this hottie entered the fashion industry through social media. Hence she is active on Instagram. On September 30, 2019, Khia uploaded a youtube channel with her name Khia Lopez.

Until now, she has uploaded three 7 minutes long videos where are graceful talks about herself. You can follow her in the link below.

Instagram: 252k followers

YouTube: 640 followers

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