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If you are an avid fan of Japanese culture, then it is obvious that you love anime. Kento Yamazaki is a model plus actor who is seen portraying the super cool character of anime in the live-action movies. He is tall, fair, handsome, and has a genuine personality, which can make any fangirl go crazy about her. In 2015, he was also the one who appeared as L in the all-time favorite anime series Death Note.

Kento Yamazaki movies
Kento Yamazaki as L in the movie of Death Note

That might ring the bell. Several fans of Kento might not know how he spends his life off-screen. But don’t worry, we are here to clarify to the beloved fans of Yamazaki. The discussion will include his age, body, height, career, and, of course, his girlfriend. Before starting all that let’s know him better through some quick facts;

Who Is Kento Yamazaki?- Short Bio

As mentioned above, Kento has stepped into the entertainment industry as a model, but with time he was able to imprint his name in the movie industry as well. This adorable man was born in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan.

There is no doubt that the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, is a busy place to live and follow your dream and career. As he was born there, Kento adapted to the hectic place pretty soon. When it comes to his personal affairs, he is tight-lipped.

Yamazaki belonged to a middle-class family which comprised of father, mother, and older mother. Except that there is no exact data about their name and whereabouts. By the looks of it, it appears that this talented model does not want to disclose more about his family.

Kento Yamazaki age
The 25 years old model Kento Yamazaki

The reason might be that he does not want to trouble his dear ones with the negative side of bad publicity. Whichever the case might be, we understand and hope that he will reveal more about himself any time soon.

Moreover, Kento belongs to Asian ethnicity and is Japanese by nationality. Also, his name is spelled as 山崎賢人 in the Japanese language.

What Is The Height of Kento Yamazaki?- Height, Age, Body Measurement

This versatile model stands at a height of 1.78 m, which translates to 5 feet 10 inches. He celebrates his birthday each year on the 7th day of September. As he was born in the year of 1994, Yamazaki is 25 years old in the year of 2020. Also, he falls under the sun sign of Virgo. Just like his sign suggests, this actor is talented, creative, intelligent, and determined.

There is no denying that Kento ranks among the hot celebrities in the industry. As most of his work involves infront of the camera, this hot actor tends to look presentable. In the field of his work, skills, amazing looks and flawless body are considered best.

Kento Yamazaki height
The 5 feet 10 inches tall actor Kento Yamazaki

His statuesque physique is the time and result spent in the daily workouts. This man likes to hit the gym more often than not. Sadly Yamazaki’s vital measurement is yet to be revealed on the media. The most distinctive feature of this dandy man is his black long hair and bangs.

They suit them perfectly, and Kento tends to know the angle in which he appears fabulous. What’s more is that when he smiles, a fine line appears around his eyes, which makes him look a bit more like a child. His fair skin complexion tends to look marvelous in every designer’s clothes.

This Japanese model has a well defined Adam’s apple and striking perfect collarbone. If we go on about his appearence, then it might take a whole day to praise this persona. To sum up the outlook, his black hair and monolid pair of shining eyes are eye-catching.

Kento Yamazaki Childhood and Education

This adorable persona spent his childhood in the city of Itabashi. As the mannerism, gentle personality, idiosyncrasy is taught by the tradition and culture of Japan; it was inevitable not to be so. His parents were always aspiring and inspiring him to follow his career.

That happens to be another reason why Kento followed his passion without any hesitation. During his childhood, this dandy man was an athlete. He enjoyed playing soccer until he was in second grade. In the 3rd year of middle school, this actor joined a club and used to go out for a practice.

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Despite being lean and thin, Yamazaki was a big eater. In an interview, he disclosed that it was not meant to be an actor, then Kento would have become and professional soccer player or the coach of the national team. Well, it seems that he thought about his career at a very tender age.

Professional Career

Just like morning shows the day, Kento intimated his career as a model from an early age. When he was returning from high school, the leading agency Takeshita Dori previously known as Harajuku, discovered him. At that time, he was studying n the third year of his junior high school.

Kento Yamazaki magazine
Kento Yamazaki on the cover magazine

Yamazaki’s made his debut by appearing on the cover magazine of Pichi Lemon from 2009 to 2011. Until now, this hot model has featured in Nylon, J Movie Magazine, Omosan, More, Ster Edge, Men’s Non-No, Fineboys, Ray, to name few.

Kento Yamazaki’s Movies and TV Shows

This amazing actor made a debut from the 2010 TV series Atami no Sousakan as a mysterious high school student. Not to mention this handsome portrayed the role of Shinmya Shijima. From that series alone, he received a lot of fame and a positive response from the fans. In the same year, he starred the part of Jotaro from Clone Baby.

With time, Yamazaki was able to appear in Runaways: For Your Love (2011), Miss Double Faced Teacher (2012), No Dropping Out: Back to School at 35 (2013), Sato Family’s Breakfast, Suzuki Family’s Dinner (2013), Team Batista 4: Raden Meikyu (2014), Water Polo Yankees (2014) and many more.

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Moreover, Kento has featured in Baseball Brainiacs, Mare, Eternal Us Sea Side Blue (2015), A Girl & Three Sweethearts (2016), Rikuoh (2017), Kiss that Kills (2018), Good Doctor (2018), From Today, It’s My Turn!! (2018) amongst others.

Apart from this, this Japanese actor has also starred in several music videos such as Ressha and Sayonara Elegy.

Kento Yamazaki Anime and Manga

We are already aware of the fact that Japan is famous in the world for its outstanding creativity of animations and storytelling. When it some to put those anime and manga in to live adaptation, Kento’s name appears in the top list.

He is best known in the entertainment industry for portraying the role of L in the Death Note (2015). There he garnered tremendous attention and got a lot of contracts in his hand. Kento has featured in Love for Beginners, Jinx, L DK, Heroine Shikkaku, to name few.

Kento Yamazaki movie
Kento Yamazaki in the Your Lie In April

Yamazaki’s role in Your Lie in April brought out the tears in many fans while Wolf Girl and Black Prince surely fulfilled the teen fantasy. Undoubtedly he was perfect on playing the part of Kakeru Naruse in the time travel manga series Orange.

In addition to this Kento has appeared in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, Psychic Kusuo: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets and many more

Who Is Kento Yamazaki Girlfriend?

Questions about his relationship have been bugging fans for several years. But not anymore. This amazing actor has been seen portraying the romantic roles marvelous in the series, such as Your Lie in April. Likewise, fans expect the same thing from his real love life.

In 2020 Kento seems to be single and happy. Neither any past records tell he is in a relationship nor his social media accounts give any hints. In a time like this, it is very tough to estimate his dating status.

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But by the looks of it, Yamazaki seems to be focused on his career more rather than such things. His romantic and heat warming role on-screen surely makes us doubt to be dating the fellow actress. Despite all this, let’s give those credit to his super skill than such rumors.

What Is The Net Worth of Kento Yamazaki?

This stunning actor makes hefty money from his career as an actor and model. He makes extra bucks from photoshoots, ad campaigns, brand endorsements, and other ventures. In 2020, Kento is estimated to sit on the net worth of $10 million to $20 million.

Kento Yamazaki net worth
Kento Yamazaki sits on the net worth of $10 million to $20 million

That is all thanks to the blockbuster movie he starred in one after another. This 25 years old actor’s cars, mansion, and salary are not disclosed in the media. We will update the details as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned.

Social Media Presence

Undoubtedly this young model has a hectic schedule. Despite all this, when it comes to his fan, he makes time for them on social media platforms like Instagram.

Instagram: 3.6 million followers

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