Jermain Defoe Father Jimmy And Mother Sandra Defoe: Tottenham Hotspur Coach Family

Currently, Jermain Defoe Father is in the spotlight, and people are interested to know what happened to him. I think we should find it out in the article.

Jermain Defoe, a retired striker from the English Premier League born on October 7, 1982, in Beckton, London.

Defoe started his football career as a junior player at Charlton Athletic before going to West Ham United, where he made his professional debut in 2000.

Defoe is best known for his excellent pace, dribbling skills and clinical finishing abilities. 

This phenomenal player retired from professional football in 2022 after his successful career spanning over two decades.

According to the update, Defoe has returned to Tottenham Hotspur as an academy coach and club ambassador. 

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Jermain Defoe Father Jimmy And Mother Sandra Defoe:

The well-known professional football player Jermain was born to Jimmy Defoe and Sandra Defoe. But his dad and mom split up when Jermain was a baby.

The 47 years old Jimmy, Jermain’s dad, was diagnosed with throat Cancer, and the family was quite aware of it. 

His father was taking the treatment for throat cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London at the time.

For Jermain and his family, it was a huge surprise.

Jermain Defoe Father
Jermain Defoe and his mom are on the right. (Source: MailOnline)

Unfortunately, In 2012, Jermain left the England camp in Poland to return home after his father, Jimmy, died of throat cancer.

 It took Jermain some time to recover from his dad’s tragic happening.

It was revealed eight years later that, before the death, Defoe’s dreadlocked father, Jimmy, was receiving 53.05 pounds per week in benefits.

The unemployed decorator, Jermain’s Dad, Jimmy, lived in a small shared flat in East London and was not receiving any financial help from Jermain as he always lived with his mother since birth.

After his mother split with his dad, Defoe lived with his mother, who again remarried later.

Tottenham Hotspur Coach, Jermain Defoe Family

We know that Jermaine’s parents divorced when he was a kid and have never lived together. 

He also has a sibling named Jade Defoe, who was his half-brother.

His brother got killed at the age of 26 by one of Jade’s friends, who accused him of burgling his House.

Jade had severe damage to his skull as a friend attacked him. He slipped into a coma and died four days later the incident.

Jermain Defoe Father
Jermain Defoe and his ex-wife Donna Tierney (Source: GlasgowLive)

Coming towards his personal life now, he was married to Donna Tierney, who later split up. It was found that Jermain cheated on her, and their relationship was never the same.

Now Donna lives as a proud single mother, and both Donna and Jermain are happy in their own life. 

Jermain Defoe Net worth 

According to, the estimated Networth of Jermain Defoe is 20 million dollars as of 2023. 

The amount he earns is quite decent for a popular personality like him. He has also earned as an academy coach and club ambassador after his retirement. 

Jermain is also very active on instagram and has around 557K followers. Similarly, his Twitter account is flooded with numerous of his football-related tweets. 

Jermain Defoe Father
Jermain Defoe is doing the England Vs. Albanian game (Source: Instagram)

This incredibly professional former footballer is currently the Founder of The Jermain Defoe Foundation. 

Fun fact, He also has a Tiktok account but barely posts videos. 

We can say that he also earns a few amounts from different online sources and also brand endorsements. 

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