Jaylin Williams Siblings

Jaylin Williams Siblings: How Many Brother Does He Have? Parents And Religion

He shoots, he scores, and he’s got some siblings too! Have you ever wondered about NBA star Jaylin Williams siblings? Let’s take a closer look at his brothers and find out.


Jaylin Michael Williams is a Vietnamese American basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA. 

Williams attended Northside High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where he played basketball and was teammates with Isaiah Joe, who later joined him on the Thunder.

In 2022, he was selected by the Thunder in the second round of the NBA draft.

Williams also played college basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He was born on June 29, 2002.

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Jaylin Williams Siblings: How Many Brothers Does He Have?

Jaylin Williams has four siblings, including three brothers and one sister.

His brothers are Mikey Williams, Marquis Williams, and Montell Williams, while his sister’s is Synora Phillips.

Jaylin comes from a basketball family, and all his siblings, including his sister, played the sport. With the support of his parents and siblings, Jaylin pursued a professional career in basketball.

While not much is known about what Jaylin’s siblings are doing, they have been seen cheering for their brother.

Jaylin Williams Siblings
Jaylin shares a picture with his teammate. (Source: Instagram)

Through his sister Synora Phillips, Jaylin has a nephew named Keaton Murry and a niece known online as Baddie Brook.

Keaton is following in his uncle’s footsteps and working towards a professional basketball career.

In summary, Jaylin Williams has three older brothers named Mikey, Marquis, and Montell, and an older sister named Synora Phillips.

All his siblings, including his sister, played basketball, which inspired Jaylin to pursue a career in the sport.

Meet The Parents Of Jaylin

Michael Williams is the father of Jaylin Williams and his siblings.

He is an American citizen of the African-American ethnic group, and not much is known about his personal life, including his age, date of birth, and occupation.

Michael fathered all of Jaylin’s siblings with Linda Williams, his wife.

On the other hand, Linda Williams, Jaylin’s mother, is originally from St. Croix in the United States and spent most of her childhood in the Bronx.

Her parents were immigrants from Vietnam.

Jaylin Williams Siblings
A lovely picture of Jaylin alongside his parents. (Source: Instagram)

Linda’s age, educational background, and occupation are not publicly known.

However, Linda is a proud and supportive mother of Jaylin, who has been seen cheering for her son during his basketball games.

She is also a fan of the sport, making it easy for her to be a robust support system for Jaylin.

Linda’s social media pages are filled with pictures of her son’s success in the NBA, and she takes pride in sharing his achievements with the world.

Jaylin Williams: Religion

Based on the limited information available about Jaylin Williams, it is known that he identifies as a Christian.

However, the extent to which his religious beliefs influence his life and career is unknown.

His faith may be a personal matter that he prefers to keep private, and he may not feel compelled to discuss his religious beliefs publicly.

Religion can be an essential aspect of an individual’s identity; for some, it can play a significant role in their daily lives.

Jaylin Williams Siblings
Jaylin Williams reacts after dunking against Gonzaga. (Source: KY3)

However, it may not hold as much importance or influence for others.

In the case of Jaylin Williams, it appears that his focus is on his basketball career, and his religious beliefs are a personal matter that he does not often discuss in the public eye.

Ultimately, the nature of an individual’s religious beliefs and how they shape their life and career is a personal matter that varies from person to person.

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