Huddah Monroe Socialites, Career, Net Worth & Boyfriend

If you are a huge fan of Big Brother Africa, then some celebrities such as Huddah Monroe might have grabbed your attention. Yes, she was one of the house members in Season 8. Despite the fact that she was not the one to win the show, this model received a lot of fans base along with followers on her Instagram.

So today, we are going to talk about Monroe, who is always on the news no matter what she has done. Recently she created havoc on the Internet by revealing that she wants to be a man. Well, we get back onto this topic in the article below. Before getting to know her better let’s know some necessary information about her in the quick facts;

Quick Facts: Huddah Monroe

Real Name: Alhuda Njoroge
NickName: Huddah
Birth Date: October 10, 1991
Age: 29 years old
Horoscope: Libra
Birth Place: Nairobi
Resident: Unknown
Father’s Name: Unknown
Mother’s Name: Unknown
Siblings: 4 stepbrothers
Height: Unknown
Weight: 48 kg
Body Measurements: Unknown
Nationality: Kenyan
Ethnicity: Mixed
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Kajiado Hills Girls Academy
Profession: Instagram Star
Boyfriend: Unknown
Spouse: None
Net Worth: $3 Million
Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter

Parents and Siblings

This Big Brother member’s real name is Alhuda Njoroge, and she changed her name into Huddah Monroe in order to make it a bit fluent. Sadly this hottie has not shared anything about her beloved parents. Her father was originally from Somali while her mother was from Kikuyu.

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She lost her father when she was a kid. Hence her mother married another man to support her. According to some sources, this model is blessed to have four stepbrothers whose name and whereabouts are still in the dark. Moreover, Monroe is a Kenyan model who undoubtedly belongs to mixed ethnicity.

How Old Is Huddah Monroe?-Age, Height and Body Measurement

This Kenyan model was born in the year of 1991. In 2020 she is 29 years old and celebrates her birthday each year on the 10th day of October. Therefore Huddah falls under the sun sign of Libra, and people of this sign are considered to be selfless and considerate.

Although she went through a lot of hardship in her life, Monroe was passionate to be something in her life. Her tragic story and devastating childhood story got empathy from many. Being a model, this lady stands tall at a decent height and looks even taller when she is wearing some high heels.

Huddah Monroe age
Huddah Monroe is 29 years old

Once in her Instagram post, Huddah shared that she weighs about 48kg. Hence we believe that she is still of the same weight in 2020. For the time being, this hottie has a bob cut that shoots her personality pretty well. What’s surprising is the fact that her smooth brown skin is like a cherry on the top.

In addition to this, Monroe has inscribed a tattoo below her collarbone. It is Fleur Rebelle written in French, which translates to rebellious flower. To sum up her looks, she has wavy black hair paired with shining brown eyes.

Childhood and Education

This beauty spent her childhood and adulthood in Kenya. As she did not have her biological father in this world, it was tough for her. Although Monroe had stepfather, he did not love him as much as he did to the other kids. Also, she underwent through domestic violence.

Huddah Monroe weight
Huddah Monroe when she was a kid

As a result, Huddah became an outsider in her own house. However, she was not to spent her tragic life in the same house. When she was able to stand up in her feet, this lady left her home for good to pursue her career. It might have been one of the tough decisions of her life, but good things were waiting for her.

Talking about the education, she has been to Kajiado Hills Girls School. Unfortunately, this was the only academic qualification she has because, at that time, her parents did not encourage her to complete her education.

Huddah Says She Wants To Be A Man

Well, there are most of the women who think or fantasizes about being a man for a day. Similar is the case with this model too. However, Monroe does not want to be a man to walk on the night, tease a girl, or whatever reason every girl does have.

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It appears that this lady wants to dodge the pain of women. We all know that Monroe is a kind of woman who does not believe in covering it up. If she feels that, she tells it to work. The thought came up when she was taking a uterus scan upon all the things.

The model shared her thoughts on her personal Instagram account. She revealed it through her Instagram account that,

“The way they do papsmear! That shit is uncomfortable! Then the Uterus scan, that thing like a long big ass dick! And it costs an arm here! Smh! Who wants a vagina in exchange for d**k? I wanna be a man for a day!”

Professional Career

As we all know, Huddah rose to the province when she was seen in the Big Brother Africa 8 show. Her personality, charm, elegance, and audacity to speak out for herself made fans go crazy about her. Soon several fashion brands reach out to work with her.

As expected, Monroe cooperated with them and now ranks among the famous model in the world. She does not hesitate to appear nude, semi-nude, and topless to entertain her fan to the fullest. Apart from all this, she is also keen on farming vegetable crops in her hometown.

In addition to this, Monroe is also a brand ambassador of the cosmetics BrightenM. The sole purpose for the company to choose this beauty was to let people know the importance of healthy skin. Luckily she was assisted by famous Vera Sidika.

Who Is Huddah Monroe Boyfriend? Is She Bisexual?

Well, there are a lot of men who have an eye on this piece of hottie. Many Kenyan hulk handsome is dying to get her attention. But their anticipation drowned a bit when she revealed that she was bisexual. In an interview, she came up with the fact that while Monroe was young and struggling, she saw many men and women.

After poverty is no longer a problem in her life, she is determined to find the right one. All she seeks out in a man is their loyalty, love, and consideration towards her work. This young model has revealed that she is dating a man who is not Kenyan.

Huddah Monroe boyfriend
Huddah Monroe is dating someone secretly

As a matter of fact, she is not that into Kenyan and suggests her fan, not to date one. Monroe thinks that Kenyans man is a little bit stingy with money. Due to some reasons, she has not revealed the name of the guy in the media. However, this Kenyan beaut has revealed that her man is not like others.

There is no doubt that this hottie has been involved in many controversies from the past few years. However, she disclosed that her boyfriend does not mind and instead supports her no matter what. When it comes to love, Monroe sure is lucky. I hope that she will be comfortable enough to share the name and whereabouts of her partner.

What Is The Net Worth of Huddah Monroe?

There is no denying that this pretty lady makes a hefty amount of money from her career as a model. In 2020 some sources claim that her net worth exceeds the amount of $3 million. Talking about her salary, this hottie has disclosed that she can earn up to $1.7 million per month. Want to know the secret?

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Of course, we do. Recently Monroe shared her secret to be wealthy among the whole world. Yes, this 29 years old model stir out the fans when she announced that she makes $1.7 million from OnlyFans alone. For the fans who do not know about this platform, it is a medium through which fans pay money to see the exclusive content of their favorite celebrity.

Huddah Monroe net worth
Huddah Monroe sits on the net worth of $3 million

In addition to this, Monroe came up with the pack to charge Sh1000 for 30 days. In an interview, she said it on Instagram that,

“I am not knocking anyone’s hustle. I made a cool $17,000 in 1 month on only fans! If I was daring enough, I could be making $100,000 monthly. Let me gather my bad gals get legal documents for them to sign. I will be back! Only fans! All gas no brakes.”

Social Media Presence

Instagram– 2m followers

Twitter– 52k followers

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