Heidi Gardner Sister

Who Is Heidi Gardner Sister? Meet His Brother Justin Gardner

Enthusiasts are eager to learn about Heidi Gardner Sister. Does she have one? Who is her brother, Justin Gardner? Join us as we unveil the details of the actress’ siblings.

Born Heidi Lynn Gardner on July 27, 1983, Heidi Gardner is an American actress, comedian, and writer who has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry.

Joining the Sunday Company in 2014, giving her entire focus to acting, the actress commenced her career as a voice-over actress for animated series like BratzSuperMansion, and Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Her career turned optimistic when she joined Saturday Night Live (SNL) for its forty-third season in 2017, promoted to repertory status in 2019.

Apart from her career as an actress, Gardner has writing credits for three episodes of Bartz and 11 episodes of SuperMansion.

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Who Is Heidi Gardner Sister?

The limited available information on the multifaceted artist exhibits that she has no sister.

Heidi Gardner has been reported to have a brother. Her family only had two children, Heidi and her brother.

Usually, the siblings feel more comfortable with someone of their gender. Gardner might have craved the company of a sister.

While the parents of the Gardners might have been content with just one daughter, the siblings might have had more company if they had a sister.

Heidi Gardner Sister
Heidi Gardner does not have a sister. (Source: Instagram)

Making her and her brother the only children of her parents, they received the utmost love and attention from their parents.

The Gardner siblings could prosper more in an environment provided by their parents, which might have been divided if they had a sister.

The sister of the comedian might have been equally competent as the celebrity. The two might have established themself in the entertainment industry as a duo.

Heidi Gardner Brother: Meet Justin Gardner

Justin Gardner is the older brother of the comedian and actress, who is known in the entertainment industry.

The older brother of Heidi is a board member of the Film Society of Kansas City. He is also an executive producer of Did You Know Blog and a filmmaker.

The siblings host a podcast, Where We Were When, together on YouTube. In the podcast, the two take the listeners down memory lane and talk about their lives and childhood.

Heidi Gardner Sister
Justin Gardner is the older brother of Heidi. (Source: Instagram)

The new episode of the podcast airs every week, where the siblings invite their family and friends.

The siblings share a close bond. The two are very close and support each other’s endeavors dearly.

Apart from their careers, the two are bound by their love for sports. Heidi is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals, and so is her brother.

Justin is proud of his sister and the path she has taken. He is ever present to support his sister and never leaves her side. On his Instagram, he frequently posts the achievements of his sisters.

Heidi Gardner Parents

The prominent actress, comedian, and writer keeps quiet about her personal life, which includes her parents.

While her father’s name is still a mystery, her mother, Erny Huelke, is reported as one of the biggest supporters of the actress.

The lack of information on Gardner’s father might hint at his absence from her life, which is just a speculation.

If her father was absent, Heidi was raised alongside her brother Justin by her mother as a single parent. However, nothing can be said for sure.

Heidi’s parents encouraged her from day one. They gave her the freedom to choose the career of her choice and eternally supported and provided resources to aid her quest.

Furthermore, Heidi’s stature as an actress must have made her parents proud.

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