Gus Wenner Height

Gus Wenner Height And Weight: How Tall Is Jann Wenner Son?

Discover Gus Wenner height and weight, unraveling the mystery behind the entrepreneur’s stature. How tall is this renowned personality?

Rolling Stone’s chief executive officer is Gus Wenner, an American magazine executive.

Furthermore, Wenner is the son of magazine billionaire Jann Wenner, who founded Rolling Stone and co-founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Jane Schindelheim.

With his sister Scout LaRue Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, he performed as part of the musical combo “Gus+Scout.”

Wenner changed Rolling Stone from a print-only firm to a multi-platform multimedia brand when he joined the company in 2012.

In addition to more than 10 million print readers, more than 16 million social media followers, and 112 million monthly video views, Rolling Stone maintains a following of 26 million digital readers under Wenner’s.

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Gus Wenner Height: How Tall Is Jann Wenner Son?

Rolling Stone’s CEO, Gus Wenner, has developed a sizable fan base due to his skill and creativity.

Fans are curious about the musician, particularly his height, as they become engrossed in his songs. Gus Wenner is said to be a minor under six feet tall.

Fans frequently make snap judgments about an executive’s appearance based only on physical characteristics and are curious about this information.

Gus Wenner’s height puts him in the average range for men despite his young appearance in photos, which adds to his relatability and attractiveness to a broad spectrum of people.

Gus Wenner Height
Gus Wenner is one of the billionaire. (Source: Derbund)

Height is just one facet of Gus Wenner’s fascination; with his growing notoriety and power in the entertainment industry, people are curious to learn more about this gifted CEO’s life.

Fans are clamoring for the chance to see Gus Wenner in action as his career takes off, enhancing his standing as the head of a magazine.

Gus Wenner Weight Details

Gus Wenner weighs 73 kg as of 2024. He is the President and COO of Rolling Stone, which has been reaching 60 million people a month and has been the premier voice in music and popular culture for more than 50 years.

Wenner oversees the day-to-day business operations and strategic direction of the world’s most recognizable music and entertainment journal.

Wenner changed Rolling Stone from a print-only firm to a multi-platform multimedia brand when he joined the company in 2012.

Rolling Stone has over 10 million print readers, over 16 million social media followers, and 112 million monthly video views under Wenner’s direction. The publication also has 26 million monthly digital readers.

Wenner has also expanded Rolling Stone’s events and multimedia operations recently, giving the brand access to new markets and various revenue streams.

Wenner made a big move for the business in 2019 when he introduced Rolling Stone Charts, an interactive collection of music charts that have become the new benchmark for metrics measuring music trends.

Gus Wenner Career Details

Gus Wenner joined his father’s media conglomerate after graduating from Brown University in 2012.

He started his career by taking on leadership roles at Wenner Media, where he was first in charge of

His vision and commitment are still remembered. He led the digital departments of,, and in 2013. This was the start of his rise within the organization.

Gus Wenner Height
Gus Wenner’s father started Rolling Stone magazine in 1967. (Source: Nytimes)

Before taking on his present position, Wenner served as Wenner Media’s Head of Digital from 2014 to 2017, where he was in charge of the company’s digital editorial, ad sales, and marketing initiatives as well as the digital operations of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal.

Wenner was in charge of selling Us Weekly in April 2017 and Men’s Journal in June of the same year.

Wenner managed Penske Media Corp.’s majority stake in Rolling Stone as of December 2017.

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