Gabby Eigenmann Wife

Who Is Gabby Eigenmann Wife Apples Arizabal? Kids Liam and Mattie

Gabby Eigenmann is a Filipino actor, singer, host, and model who has been on trend after the heartbreaking news of the passing of Jaclyn Jose, her half-sister Andi’s mother. Learn more about Gabby’s wife and kids in this article. 

Celebrity Gabriel John Eigenmann, often called Gabby Eigenmann, is a complex Filipino actor.

Gabby, who has gained recognition for his acting, singing, presenting, and modeling abilities, is a GMA Network exclusive talent.

He is a member of the esteemed Eigenmann family and the son of Irene Celebre and actor Mark Gil.

Gabby’s impact is seen in the Filipino entertainment business due to his extensive family tree, which includes well-known relatives like Cherie Gil and Michael de Mesa and grandparents Rosemarie Gil and Eddie Mesa.

Gabby has strong ties to the Filipino film industry, being the elder brother of Katherine “Ira” Eigenmann and the half-brother of Sid Lucero, Maxine, and Andrea “Andi” Eigenmann.

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Who Is Gabby Eigenmann Wife? Meet Apples Arizabal

Apples Arizabal, Gabby Eigenmann’s spouse, plays a vital role in his life and contributes depth to the actor’s narrative.

The couple’s continued marriage shows their ongoing love and shared experiences.

In celebrating their love and dedication, Gabby and Apples exchanged vows. Their union is evidence of a solid relationship that transcends the flash and glamour of show business.

After enduring life’s obstacles together, the pair developed a relationship based on understanding and support.

Apples Arizabal has supported Gabby over different career stages and has been a constant in his life.

Gabby Eigenmann Wife
Gabby Eigenmann with her wife, Apples Eigenmann. (Source: Instagram

They have managed to keep their relationship solid and private despite the pressures of a public presence, working together to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry.

Their love story is filled with happy times, tenacity, and ambitions they both have in common.

Apple’s distinct personality balances Gabby’s public profile, bringing their lives into a perfect balance.

They have successfully navigated the ups and downs of living in the limelight as a couple, demonstrating the importance of having a solid partnership to meet the challenges of the entertainment industry.

The journey of Gabby Eigenmann and Apples Arizabal as a married couple demonstrates a dedication to one another’s development and pleasure.

Their everlasting love and shared experiences encourage the world of celebrity couples, proving that a solid foundation of love and understanding is essential for a happy and long-lasting marriage away from the spotlight.

Gabby Eigenmann Kids: Liam and Mattie

Liam and Mattie Eigenmann are the proud offspring of Gabby Eigenmann and Apples Arizabal.

These children are the epitome of the couple’s love and dedication; they were raised in a household with strong ties to the Philippine entertainment scene.

The younger brother, Mattie Eigenmann, and the older brother, Liam Eigenmann, provide happiness and energy to the Eigenmann home.

Gabby Eigenmann Wife
Gabby Eigenmann is spending time with his family. (Source: GMA Network)

The warmth of a loving home setting and the glamour of show business characterized their childhood.

While juggling their occupations, Gabby and Apples remain loving parents, ensuring Liam and Mattie have a typical upbringing while being aware of the unique elements of their family’s public existence.

The couple cultivates a loving atmosphere for their children to grow, explore, and discover who they are as individuals by spending priceless time with them.

The Eigenmann family, with Liam and Mattie contributing their distinct charm to the Eigenmann name’s history, is a monument to the happy union of stardom and family life.

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