Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia

Firefighter Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia, Wife And Family

People are curious to know about Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia. The firefighter was arrested for the murder of her lover’s husband.

Jonathan Hearn is an ex-firefighter and has gained much popularity on the internet.

Likewise, he admitted to plotting murder with Sabrina Limon. The duo had planned to kill her husband.

Moreover, Limon and Hearn were successful in their plan as they shot him to death.

Nevertheless, Hearn was a Christian by religion. During the sentence for the murder, he was seen apologizing for his actions.

Furthermore, he was charged with first-degree murder because actions speak louder than words.

Similarly, Hearn was also the founder of Hellfire Tactical, which was a company that sold firearms and tactical gear.

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Firefighter Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia

Jonathan Hearn was born on October 1, 1981, in California.

Likewise, he was born into a family of firefighters; his father and grandfather were both firefighters, who inspired him to become one.

Furthermore, he worked at the Kern County fire department for about eight years and resigned in 2014. 

Similarly, Sabrina was working at Costco when they met. Hern was also involved in other businesses after retirement from his firefighting job.

He established hern industrial services, which provided cleaning and maintenance services to factories.

Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia
Jonathan Hearn’s lover Sabrina Limon and her murdered husband (left), Jonathan Hearn and Sabrina Limon (right) (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, Jonathan always believed in helping people. As a result, he decided to become a firefighter.

In January, he admitted that he was the one who fired the trigger and apologized to his friends and family for his behavior.

Ultimately, Jonathan was sentenced to twenty-five years and four months in prison.

“He said anything short of death is merciful, considering his actions. With repeated references to Christianity and the Scriptures, Hearn said he sinned and is guilty of choices that have inflicted “awful wounds” on many lives.”, according to bakersfield.

There was also a movie on the murder case titled “Jonathan Hearn and Sabrina Limon”.

Firefighter Jonathan Hearn Family

Jonathan Hern was born into a Christian family. He was twenty-two years old when he committed the murder.

Jonathan Hearn’s father is Mike Hearn, and his mother is Carol Hearn. The family went to church regularly and prayed often.

Jonathan also had a sibling. His sister’s name is Emily Hearn. The brother-sister duo was quite close growing up.

Likewise, he was also taught to differentiate between right doing and wrongdoing at a very young age.

Furthermore, Jonathan’s parents were very supportive of his career choice since the very beginning.

Jonathan Hearn Wikipedia
Jonathan Hearns apologizes to the Limon family. (Source: YouTube)

After being convicted, his ex-wife, with whom he had two children, described him as manipulative and a liar.

Similarly, Hern’s ex-wife, Briana and he got divorced in 2013, a year prior to the murder.

Nonetheless, there isn’t much information regarding Jonathan Hearn’s family online. The family has chosen to keep themselves off from the public.

Stay tuned with us; we shall let you know as soon as we get the information!

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