Fact Check: Is Bill Hader Gay or Does he have A Wife? Sexuality Revealed

Bill Hader gay rumors have been circulating due to the character he played in the movie “It: Chapter Two,” Learn what he has to say about that. 

Bill Hader is a multi-talented American Actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director.

He is widely recognized for his impressive eight-year stint as a cast member on the popular NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live from 2005 to 2013.

Hader’s hilarious impersonations of political figures and celebrities made him a fan favorite during his time on the show. 

In addition to his work on Saturday Night Live, Hader has appeared in several hit films and television shows, showcasing his versatile acting abilities.

His notable works include The Skeleton Twins, Trainwreck, It Chapter Two, and the critically acclaimed HBO series Barry, which he co-created, stars in, writes, produces, and directs.

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Fact Check: Is Bill Hader Gay?

Bill Hader is not gay.

Although rumors have circulated regarding his sexuality due to his portrayal of a character who is heavily implied to be gay in “It: Chapter Two,” Hader has never publicly identified as gay.

In an interview on the movie podcast “The Big Ticket,” Hader discussed the decision to include the implied homosexuality of his character, Richie Tozier, in the film adaptation.

Bill Hader Gay
Bill Hader gay rumors circulated online due to his portrayal of a gay character in “It: Chapter Two” (Image Source: StyleCaster)

While it was never explicitly stated in the novel, Stephen King liked the interpretation, and he and director Andy Muschietti decided to include it in the film.

Hader also discussed some of the challenges of filming, including a scene in a freezing lake with his co-stars.

The podcast also featured Bill Skarsgård and James McAvoy, Hader’s co-stars in “It: Chapter Two.”

Bill Hader Sexuality Revealed

Bill Hader’s sexuality has not been explicitly revealed, although there have been rumors about his sexual orientation.

However, Hader’s portrayal of Richie Tozier in the movie “It: Chapter Two” has led to speculation that he might be gay. In the film, Richie’s sexuality is not discussed, but it is heavily implied.

In an interview, Hader talked about his discussions with the director about the character’s sexuality and how they decided to portray it.

Bill Hader Gay
American Actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director Bill Hader. (Image Source: The Daily Beast)

Hader stated that he hoped Richie understood and accepted who he was.

However, Hader has never confirmed his sexual orientation in public, and it remains a private matter.

As an Actor and comedian, Hader’s focus has been on his work, and he prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Does he have A Wife?

Yes, Bill Hader was previously married to filmmaker Maggie Carey.

The couple met in Los Angeles and married in 2006, eventually moving to New York City when Hader was cast on Saturday Night Live.

Together, they have three daughters named Hannah, Harper, and Hayley.

However, after 11 years of marriage, Hader and Carey announced their separation in 2017 and officially divorced in March 2018.

Bill Hader Gay
Bill Hader with his ex-wife, filmmaker Maggie Carey. (Image Source: StyleCaster)

Despite their separation, the two have continued co-parenting their children and remaining on good terms.

In interviews, Hader mentioned that he considers Carey, a friend and that his children are his top priority.

So, while Hader is no longer married, he does have a former spouse with whom he shares children and maintains a friendly relationship.

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