Don York Murder

Dan Hell AKA Don York Murder Charges: Killed Pat York And Her Boyfriend Jeff Longhurst

Don York Murder: A name etched in infamy, marked by a chilling act of violence that reverberated through Salt Lake City. With lives lost, shots fired, and a shocking twist, the captivating tale of Don York’s murder charges unfolds.

Don York, in June 1984, made a trip from California to Salt Lake City, where he rented a car and proceeded to the residence of his former spouse, Patricia York, located in Bountiful.

There, he unleashed a hail of gunfire, firing approximately twelve to fourteen shots, resulting in the severe injury of Patricia and the tragic death of her then-boyfriend, Jeff Longhurst.

Shortly after the incident, Don voluntarily surrendered himself to the local police station, acknowledging his actions.

As a consequence, he faced multiple charges for the grave incident.

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Dan Hell AKA Don York Murder Charges

In June 1984, Don York traveled from California to Salt Lake City and committed a heinous crime that would result in murder charges.

He rented a car and drove to his ex-wife’s residence, Patricia York, in Bountiful.

There, he unleashed a barrage of twelve to fourteen shots, inflicting grave injuries upon Patricia and tragically claiming the life of her boyfriend, Jeff Longhurst.

Recognizing the severity of his actions, Don promptly surrendered himself to local authorities at a nearby police station.

Don York Murder
Poster of the Crime Series Violent Minds, covering the store, Don York. (Source: YouTube)

Subsequently, Don faced multiple charges, including first-degree murder, a capital offense.

However, during his legal proceedings, he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of second-degree murder and attempted manslaughter.

Surprisingly, he claimed no independent recollection of the incident but acknowledged his involvement in the crime.

The court sentenced him to five years to life and an additional consecutive term ranging from zero to five years.

In January 2002, after serving a significant portion of his sentence, reports indicate that Don York was released from the Utah State Prison.

Don York Killed Pat York And Her Boyfriend Jeff Longhurst

On June 17, 1984, Don York, using the alias Dan Hill, flew from California to Salt Lake City, Utah, before renting a car under his real name and driving to Bountiful, where his ex-wife, Patricia York, resided.

York entered Patricia’s home with a loaded gun and unleashed a barrage of twelve to fourteen shots.

The violent attack left Patricia gravely injured and tragically claimed the life of her boyfriend, Jeff Longhurst.

Following the shooting, Don York turned himself in at a local police station, recounting a confrontation at Patricia’s residence and providing information about the weapon and ammunition used in the crime.

Consequently, he faced a series of charges, including first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, and aggravated burglary.

Despite initially pleading not guilty because of insanity or diminished mental capacity at the time of the offense, court-appointed psychiatrists evaluated York’s mental state.

They concluded that although he suffered from mental disorders, they did not impair his ability to understand the trial proceedings or participate in his defense.

As a result, he was deemed mentally competent to stand trial.

Who Is Don York?

Don York is an individual who gained attention due to his involvement in a tragic incident. 

During his legal proceedings, Don’s case took a complex turn.

He pleaded guilty to reduced charges of second-degree murder and attempted manslaughter as part of a plea deal.

Interestingly, he claimed to have no independent memory of the shootings but admitted to committing the crimes.

While serving his sentence, Don received treatment from Dr. Al Carlisle, a prison psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with multiple personality disorder (M.P.D.).

Don York Murder
Still from the series, Violent Minds covers the story of Don York Murder Charges. (Source: N.B.C.)

This diagnosis led to a state petition filed in April 1985, suggesting that the newly discovered evidence of M.P.D. supported Don’s claim of innocence.

During hypnotic sessions, Don’s alternate personality, Dan Hell, communicated with Dr. Carlisle, revealing the presence of an unidentified red-haired individual who allegedly played a role in Jeff’s murder and Patricia’s injuries.

The case highlights the complexities of Don York’s circumstances and the involvement of multiple personalities in the unfolding events.

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