Clint Bondad parents

Clint Bondad Parents: Mother Jane Bondad And Father Details

Clint Bondad parents have not been in the public glare, and he has not revealed much about them other than his gratitude for their support and direction in his life.

Filipino actor and model Clint Bondad was born in Manila, Philippines, on March 26, 1994.

His modeling business job and romance with Pia Wurtzbach, the 2015 Miss Universe, helped him become well-known.

In 2009, Bondad began his modeling career. He has since worked with numerous publications and companies.

He rose to fame in 2016 when he started dating Pia Wurtzbach, and their romance garnered much interest from the public and fans.

Catriona Gray, the 2018 Miss Universe, and Bondad no longer have a romantic relationship but remain close friends. They still stand by one another in their personal and professional interests.

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Who Are Clint Bondad Parents? Mother Jane Bondad And Father Details

Clint Bondad’s parents are Jane Bondad, his Filipino mother, and his German father whose details are not publicly known.

Bondad spent much of his life in Germany with his father’s family before relocating to the Philippines to pursue a modeling career.

In interviews and one of his social media posts, he has expressed gratitude to his family for their support and influence in his life.

He attributes his independence and obligation to his mother’s strict upbringing.

In a Mother’s Day statement, he admitted that his mother’s teaching, which included sending him to many classes and assigning him difficult chores, had a significant impact on his life.

Clint Bondad Parents
Clint Bondad’s mother and his brother. (Source: Facebook)

He now enjoys learning and maintains a neat environment, mirroring his upbringing.

Despite his busy schedule, Bondad remains close to his family and frequently posts encouraging remarks and images of them on social media.

He does have a brother, although little is known about him.

Clint Bondad Ethnicity and Religion

Clint Bondad is a biracial man whose ethnicity is categorized as Filipino-German. He was born in the Philippines; hence he is a Filipino citizen.

His father is of German descent, while his mother is of Filipino origin.

According to various sources, Clint Bondad practices Christianity as his religion. However, specifics of his religious beliefs and practices are not made public by himself.

Bondad, as a biracial individual, celebrates and reflects a fusion of cultural elements from his Filipino and German ancestors.

His diversified upbringing contributes to his individuality and may help him be versatile in the entertainment industry.

Clint Bondad Parents
Underwater picture of Clint Bondad. (Source: Instagram)

While his ethnicity and faith are essential to his identity, Bondad is most known for his acting and model work.

In addition to modeling, Bondad has experience in acting. The 2016 ABS-CBN television series “Magpahanggang Wakas” and the 2019 film “Sin Island” included him.

In 2022, Bondad was formally chosen as Mister World Philippines and won the male division of the Century Tuna Superbods competition.

Additionally, he has judged the “Ms. Q&A” part of the program “Its Showtime.”

Clint Bondad Siblings Details

Clint Bondad has a brother named Kirk Bondad, a model and athlete from the Philippines.

Kirk rose to prominence for his physique and has worked with several fashion labels and photographers in the Philippines.

He is well-known for his commitment to fitness and has actively competed in bodybuilding competitions. Kirk has an active internet presence, which he uses to discuss his fitness experience and advocate healthy living.

Clint Bondad Parents
Clint Bondad and his brother Kirk Bondad (Source: gmanetwork)

In addition to his brother, Clint Bondad also has a sister who remains largely private.

Clint is proud of his sister’s accomplishments, particularly her recent achievement of a driver’s license. Clint has chosen to keep most details about his sister private due to her job as a scientist.

Clint Bondad has a sizable fan base of admirers who value his work as an Actor and model thanks to his talent and charm.

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