Cat In Blender Video

Cat In Blender Video Gone Viral On Reddit: Who Put The Cat In Blender?

Get the latest updates on the disturbing Cat in Blender video that has gone viral on social media. Discover the reactions and outrage it has sparked among netizens.

A disturbing video of a cat being blended in a blender has gone viral on social media, causing outrage among internet users.

The video has been widely circulated on various social media platforms, despite many websites having strict guidelines against sharing such sensitive content.

Many users have expressed their horror and disgust over the video, urging others not to share it any further.

The incident has sparked an online manhunt for the person responsible for making the video, with some even speculating that a woman known as “Kat Blender” might be behind it.

However, there is no concrete evidence linking anyone to the video, which has been widely condemned by social media users.

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Cat In Blender Video Gone Viral On Reddit

A disturbing video of a cat being blended in a blender has gone viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

The graphic footage has shocked netizens, who are urging others not to share it any further.

The video was first shared by a Twitter handle called Scary Content, but it was later deleted for violating Twitter’s rules.

Cat In Blender Video 1
An extremly distrubing cat in blender video have gone vial in social mdeia. (Image Source: Know Your Meme)

Despite this, the clip has continued to be shared by other sources, leaving many people stunned. The identity of the person who filmed the video is unknown.

Some people have even claimed that the cat was microwaved after being blended, but there is no footage to confirm this.

The viral topic has sparked outrage and led to calls for stricter guidelines around graphic content on social media.

Who Put The Cat In Blender?

The horrific cat in a blender video has left netizens furious, with many questioning who could do such a cruel act.

Despite several reports and requests, the person behind this brutal act has not been identified yet.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit are flooded with hashtags asking for justice for the cat, and netizens are demanding that the responsible person be arrested and punished severely.

The cat in blender video has left everyone upset and disturbed. (Image Source: Twitter)

While many speculated that the person behind this act is a social media influencer known as Kat Blender, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

The video has been reported to several authorities, and hopefully, the perpetrator will be identified soon, and justice will be served.

Meanwhile, the ongoing debate continues, with many expressing their concerns about animal cruelty and the need for stricter laws to prevent such acts in the future.

Cat in Blender Video Outrage on Social Media

The recent video of a cat in a blender has caused outrage on social media. Many netizens expressed their anger and disbelief that anyone could commit such a heinous act.

Some even hoped that the person responsible for the video would be held accountable for their actions.

Despite Twitter’s strict community guidelines regarding violent and sensitive content, the video continued to circulate on the platform, prompting many users to report it.

Many expressed anger and disbelief that someone could harm an animal in such a cruel manner. (Image Source: pkbnews)

The social media platform generally does not tolerate any gory or violent content and often removes such content from the platform.

One horrified Twitter user called out the person who made the video, stating that they were “so f*** sick.” As of now, it is unclear who is behind the video, but netizens are determined to see justice served.

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