Bill Walton Brother

Meet Bruce Walton, Bill Walton Brother: Family Tree And Ethnicity

Bill Walton Brother Bruce did not live in the shadow of his renowned brother; he had made a name for himself in the National Football League. 

Bill Walton is an incredible television sportscaster and former basketball player. He is widely known for his towering height, exceptional playing style and amazing skills.

A force to be recorded with on the court in college and professional basketball, Walton had a successful career at UCLA.

He had won two NCAA championships and was named Most Outstanding Player in both tournaments. 

After retiring from professional basketball, the sports icon transitioned into a successful career as a basketball commentator, sharing his insights and passion for the game with millions of viewers. 

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Meet Bruce Walton Bill Walton Brother

Bill Walton’s older brother Bruce Walton was an accomplished football player. He had made a name for himself at UCLA as a talented and incredible offensive tackle. 

Unfortunately, Bruce’s football career was cut short in 1976 due to a knee injury. After retiring from football, Bruce ventured into various endeavors.

He managed a radio station in San Diego, introducing the innovative “lites out” smooth jazz format.

Similarly, Bill later joined Terramar Retail Center as vice president for development and became a Director for Competitor Group (CGI) in 2012.

Bill Walton Brother
Bruce Walton attended his daughter’s wedding in 2019. (Source: ca-times)

Tragically, in 2017, Bruce fell ill with the flu and had brain injuries and kidney failure. Despite the challenges, he made a remarkable recovery to attend his daughter’s wedding in May 2019.

However, Bruce Walton passed away on October 18, 2019. He left a legacy far beyond his impressive football career. His legacy in sports extends beyond the gridiron.

 Interestingly, with his brother Bill, he is the only sibling duo to have played in both the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals.

Bruce Walton And Bill Walton Family Tree

The Walton family is filled with love and togetherness. Bruce and Bill grew up with their other siblings, Cathy and Andy in La Mesa, California, with their caring parents, Gloria and Ted.

They lived in a beautiful home on Colorado Avenue. While their father Ted was a music teacher and social worker, their mother, Gloria, was a librarian.

Although sports weren’t their parent’s main focus, Bruce’s passion for sports-inspired Bill to follow in his footsteps. 

Bill Walton Brother
Old Picture of Bill Walton With His Brother Bruce. (Source: Twitter

The Walton family was fun. They created beautiful memories together, forming a band with Bruce and Bill playing trombone or baritone, Andy on the saxophone, and Cathy playing the flute.

Eventually, each family member pursued their dream. However, their love and support for one another was strong as always.

Their bond is unbreakable, and their family tree is filled with cherished moments, laughter, and love.

What Is The Walton Family Ethnicity? 

The Walton family’s background is pretty interesting. According to various sources, they seem to come from a Caucasian or white ethnicity, as Gloria and Ted have European roots.

However, the specific details about their ancestral origins or ethnicity within their lineage are yet to be revealed.

Bill and other family members prefer to keep his details under wraps. As a result, nothing much is known about the family. 

While they haven’t publicly spoken about their heritage, they are known for their incredible success in their field.

Seeing how their influence and impact have left a lasting legacy is lovely.

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