Brianna Chickenfry Sister

Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Sister And Brother Siblings

Brianna Lapaglia aka Brianna Chickenfry Sister has piqued the interest of her fans. She is known for being a social media influencer.

 Brianna LaPaglia is an American content producer, blogger, podcaster, and social media sensation.

She is known for her work as a podcast host for the renowned online media organization Barstool Sports.

She became well-known when some of Brianna’s TikTok videos went viral online.

She later rose to fame on TikTok for posting relatable and funny videos about life. She gained popularity by releasing videos of herself acting drunk, so she started referring to herself as the CEO of Hangovers.

These hangover videos attracted Barstool Sports’ notice, and the firm hired Brianna to host its podcasts as a result.

Along with hosting the podcasts for the business, she also participates by writing blogs posted on the PlanBri area of Barstool’s main website.

Brianna LaPaglia is also well-liked on other social networking sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Since its launch on April 30th, 2021, Brianna Chickenfry has amassed thousands of views and subscribers.

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Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Sister

Although Brianna Lapaglia, aka Brianna Chickenfry, has not revealed their names, she has three sisters. They are her Father’s half-sisters from his first marriage rather than her biological sisters.

She also notes that two were in abusive relationships and destructive drug addicts. She was exposed to these environments as a child.

Brianna Chickenfry Sister
Brianna Chickenfry Dropped out of College for Barstool Sports (Source: Distractify)

Due to her parent’s inability to pay for child care, she was at home alone. Her sisters didn’t help her grow up, so she doesn’t get along with them.

She says experiencing these things as a child shaped who she is today. Additionally, Brianna claims that she raised herself as she was growing up. There was nobody when she needed.

Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Brother

Brianna Lapaglia, AKA Brianna Chickenfry, does not have a brother, but she does have three sisters, as was already revealed.

Brianna is a native of the American town of Rockland, located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

In September 2020, Brianna left college after deciding that her life with Barstool and social media was taking off and needed all her attention.

She studied public health as a major at Baldwin Wallace University and had excellent grades.

She is secretive and hasn’t shared many details about her life. Therefore, we will update it as quickly as possible if she ever divulges anything.

Brianna Lapaglia AKA Brianna Chickenfry Parents 

Brianna Lapaglia; Brianna Chickenfry is the devoted daughter of her parents. But he doesn’t talk much about her parents.

After scrolling through them, we discovered she had published a few photos with her dad and mom on her social media accounts.

Their occupations are unknown. However, she stated that her parents essentially raised her because they had two jobs and could not provide child care when she was a child.

Brianna Chickenfry Sister
Brianna Chickenfry with her family (Source: Wikicelebs)

Due to their dual employment, Brianna would remain home alone until 8 pm with the door locked. Additionally, she disclosed that her parents split a few years ago.

She hasn’t shared much information about her mother and hasn’t made any revelations about her.

She also has American citizenship and practices Christianity as her religion. She comes from an ethnically White background.

Brianna also mentioned that while growing up at home alone, she learned all her current skills and how to manage her time.

She does love her family, but she does not enjoy the surroundings in which they live.

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