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Barbara Exignotis Wiki – Parents, Origin And Ethnicity

Popularly known for is known for Volevo gli occhi blu (2008), Barbara has been laying low. Continue reading to know about Barbara Exignotis Wiki.

Barbara  Exignotis is a former red-light Actress and wife of Nino Frassic. She was born in 1975, making her 25 years junior to her husband.

After gaining exposure by marrying the famous Actor Nino Frassics, the Actress is now subject to curiosity among fans.

Despite her appearances in award-winning movies, she is yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page. 

Continue reading to find out more about Barbara Exignotis Wiki.

Barbara Exignotis Wiki

Barbara rose to stardom after appearing in popular nineties movies like Quelli che… il calcio (1993).

She was recently seen in a comedy movie, “Love Pret-a-porte “(2019). The movie is about a pathological liar learning to be sincere.

The audience much loves Exignotis. However, the movie did not do well at the box office. The movie has a low rating of 5.4 on IMDb.

However, the movie’s director, Max Nardari, did win three awards among four nominations.

She is well known among theatre enjoyers. She stepped into the film industry through theatres.

She has been married to Nino Frassica since August 2018. The two couples have been happy ever since. Barbara Exignotis married the famous star after many years of engagement.

Let us know more about Barbara’s husband, Nino.

Barbara Exignotis
Barbara Exignotis
Source: Tribunatreviso

Frassica, born and raised in Messina, is most known for his dry humor, which he defined as a technique of “ruining logic and the Italian language” through bizarre jokes.

He is regarded as “a master of nonsense humor” (but only in the summer). In Renzo Arbore’s Quelli della notte (1985), he played a semi-illiterate priest; he made his television acting debut in Italy.

Later, he was granted a significant role in the absurd quiz show Indietro Tutta! (lit. Full speed backward! 1987).

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Barbara Exignotis Parents

With significantly little information on the internet, it is supposed that Barbara Exignotis’s parents are from Italy.

Due to her less exposure to the internet and the unavailability of her social media, she is a hard-to-get bird. 

Hence, there is no accurate and official information on her parents.

Regarding her family, all we know is Barabari has been married to Nino Frassica since 2018. 

Before that, Barabara was married to a different personality, and the former couple had a daughter named Valentina, born in 2001.

Barbara Exignotis And Nino Frassica
Barbara Exignotis with her husband, Nino Frassica
Source: PressReader

Exignotis’ parent’s whereabouts are still unknown to the public as both parents like to remain out of the limelight.

While having a famous husband, Barbara Exignotis has worked hard to keep herself out of the public’s view.

However, Nino was married to Daniela Conti before he met Barbara. Nino and Daniela married in 1985, but their union was short-lived as the couple parted ways in 1993.

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Barbara Exignotis Wiki, Origin and Ethnicity

Barbara was supposedly born and raised in Italy. She is from a Christian family. Barbara’s actual origin is still a mystery to the public as she has not put herself available to the fans.

It’s a surprise that even in this era of the internet, she does not have a dedicated Instagram account.

Barbara Exignotis was born in 1975. Currently, the Actress is 47 years old.

Beautiful, young, and self-assured, Barbara Exignotis is the second wife of Nino Frassica, the famous Actor who played the commissioner Nino Cecchini in the TV series Don Matteo.

Both actors were cast members of the play Liubov pret-a-porté, where they first met. Due to Barbara’s low exposure to the public, Barbara’s ethnicity remains a mystery.

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