Anele Tembe Husband

Anele Tembe Husband: Is She Married To Kiernan Jarryd Forbes? Relationship Timeline And Family Tree

Anele Tembe husband is not known as the South African businesswoman and was engaged to boyfriend Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, a South African rapper.

The couple announced their engagement in February 2021, sharing photos on social media.

However, they were not married at the time of Anele’s tragic death in April 2021.

The relationship between Anele and AKA has been under the spotlight, with reports of alleged infidelity and public arguments.

The rapper has faced scrutiny and criticism from the public and Anele’s family, who have accused him of contributing to her mental health struggles.

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Anele Tembe Husband: Is She Married To Kiernan Jarryd Forbes?

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popular as AKA, is a 36 years old South African rapper, singer, and songwriter.

He was born in Cape Town, South Africa where he started his music career in 2002 as part of the hip-hop group Entity.

He released his debut solo album in 2011, which included popular tracks such as “All I Know” and “Victory Lap.”

He has since released several successful albums and has won numerous awards.

In addition to his music career, AKA is a successful entrepreneur with his record label, Beam Group, and has ventured into the fashion industry, launching his line of sneakers in 2020.

Anele Tembe Husband
Anele Tembe doing a photo shoot with fiancé AKA (Source: Instagram)

Anele’s high-profile relationship with  Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, also known as AKA, has also come under scrutiny, with reports of alleged infidelity and public arguments.

Per some reports, Kiernan was killed in a drive-by shooting in Durban at age 35.

AKA and another man were shot outside a restaurant in the city, with both dying as a result of their injuries. His death comes just two years after his fiancée, Anele Tembe.

His parents confirmed his death on social media, expressing their extreme sadness at the loss of their beloved son.

Relationship Timeline Between Anele and Kiernan

AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship timeline began in 2019 when they reportedly met through mutual friends.

They kept their relationship private at first, but they became more public with their romance in 2020, posting photos of each other on social media.

Anele gained media attention for her high-profile relationship with rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, also known as AKA.

In February 2021, AKA announced their engagement on Instagram, sharing a photo of Anele’s hand with a diamond ring.

The couple shared photos of their romantic getaway to Cape Town, where they stayed at the luxurious Pepperclub Hotel.

However, their relationship was not challenging, as Anele passed away in Cape Town, South Africa, at 22.

Her death was ruled a suicide by the South African authorities.

Anele Tembe Husband
Anele Tembe enjoying a day off with AKA in The Oyster Box (Source: Instagram)

She fell from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel, a luxury hotel in Cape Town’s city center.

Following Anele’s tragic death, reports surfaced of alleged infidelity and public arguments between the couple.

There were rumors of Anele’s struggles with mental health and substance abuse.

AKA has since taken a break from social media and music to focus on his mental health and well-being.

He has also faced criticism and backlash from the public and Anele’s family, with some blaming him for her death.

Anele Tembe: Family Background

Anele Tembe was 22 years old South African businesswoman and socialite born in Durban, South Africa.

She was the daughter of businessman Moses Tembe and his wife, Nelli Tembe.

Anele Tembe Husband
Anele Tembe with her Father, Moses Tembe (Source: The Citizen)

Her father is the founder of Nto’s Catering, a family-owned catering company. He is also a director of the KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Authority.

Anele’s mother was a prominent businesswoman also known for her fashion and style, as she frequently attended high-profile events with her daughter.

After Anele’s untimely demise, her parents released a statement expressing their grief and requesting privacy during this difficult time.

The Tembe family has since established the Anele Tembe Foundation, which aims to raise awareness about mental health and provide support and resources to those in need.

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