Alden Richards Gay

Alden Richards Gay Scandal: Boyfriend And Sexuality

Alden Richards has been the center of speculation and rumors over his sexuality, notably in connection with a rumored gay scandal. Is Alden Richards Gay? Find all the truths here.

Alden Richards is a well-known figure in the Philippines who rose to success as a singer, actor, and model.

He was born on January 2, 1992, in Santa Rosa, Laguna of Philippines.

His entertainment career officially began when Alden Richards joined the reality TV program “StarStruck,” a well-liked Philippine talent search program.

He gained recognition very quickly and is now one of the nation’s most appreciated and on-demand actors.

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Alden Richards Gay Scandal, Is he gay?

Alden Richards’s gay scandal began when online users observed that he had shared a picture of him and his lover on Instagram Stories

However, those stories were posted without mentioning his sexual orientation.

Some fans were unhappy because they believed this suggested Alden wasn’t at ease talking about his sexuality.

But some others were encouraging, saying he didn’t have to come out to the world if he didn’t want to.

Later on, those rumors died off. But in 2015, rumors started circulating online that Alden was gay or bisexual.

Alden Richards Gay
Alden Richards promoting the VIVO phone through his Instagram. ( Source: Instagram)

These rumors were based on images that showed Alden hugging a different man while they were both attendees at a function.

It was unclear whether they were holding hands or standing near one another because the photo was taken from behind.

Alden Richards has not made any statements regarding his sexual orientation in public yet.

So, assuming about someone’s private life without permission is inappropriate.

Alden Richards Boyfriend And Datings

Fans and followers of Alden Richards have been curious about his personal life.

There have been rumors and hypotheses about his sexuality, including the chance that he may have a boyfriend, even though he has been linked to a few women in the entertainment industry.

There are many speculations about him having boyfriends. Some online pictures of him with guys are described with his sexuality.

It has been found that many well-known stars have given mixed comments on Aldens Richards’s gay scandal at times. 

However, Alden Richards hasn’t made any public remarks about his sexuality or love life. Therefore, there isn’t any proof to back up these accusations.

Alden Richards has dated women in the past, some of which have been reported on by the media.

He began dating fellow Actress Louise delos Reyes in 2014, but their romance apparently terminated in 2016.

Alden Richards Gay
Alden Richards Alleged Boyfriend. ( Source: missosology)

He was also connected to Maine Mendoza, an actress who starred alongside him in the hit TV program “Eat Bulaga.”

Although their fans highly praised their on-screen chemistry, they have never officially confirmed any romance rumors.

Alden Richards has had previous relationships with women, but there have still been constant rumors that he has a boyfriend.

However, it is inappropriate to speculate on Alden Richards’s gay scandal and create conclusions about his personal life without any hard evidence.

Alden Richards Family and Ethnicity

Alden Richards was born to his parents, Rommel Cagayat and Liza Cagayat. He has two siblings, Raquel and Ryan, also emerging actors well-known in the Philippines.

Rommel Cagayat was born on June 19, 1960, in the Philippine province of Pampanga, but he was raised in Quezon City.

He completed his secondary school at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) High School before relocating to Australia to attend the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Alden Richards Gay
Alden Richards Loves to click pictures with his pet. (Source: Instagram)

He returned home after receiving his architecture degree from UNSW when he met his future wife, Liza, a nursing student at Far Eastern University (FEU).

Alden Richards has a mixed ethnicity. His mother is half-Chinese, while his father has Spanish ancestry from Spain through Mexico after leaving Europe due to persecution against Catholics by Protestant Huguenots.

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