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Who Is Claudia Piva? AFL Adam Cerra Girlfriend And Relationship

Professional Australian rules footballer is currently dating Claudia Piva. Let’s know more about Adam Cerra Girlfriend.

After graduating two years ago, Adam Cerra plays for Carlton Football Club. 

The Midfielder has already become one of the most promising talents for the Blue Baggers (Nickname for the Charlton).

With Fremantle, Cerra debuted in the second round of the 2018 AFL season. He received a round 16 Rising Star nomination for the 2018 AFL.

Fremantle selected him with their second choice, fifth overall, in the 2017 AFL national draft after an outstanding but injury-plagued junior career for Norwood in the Eastern Football League and Eastern Ranges in the TAC Cup.

His rise in stardom has fans asking about his personal life, mainly about his beautiful partner. So let’s find out who is Adam Cerra’s girlfriend.

Adam Cerra Girlfriend Claudia Piva

Adam Cerra is dating his girlfriend Claudia Piva.

Claudia Piva is the AFLW Sports Trainer at Carlton Football Club who signed Adam back in 2022. It’s hard to believe that despite their diverse working field, they get to work for the same club. 

She also works in the administration department of a local gym, Hurls Fitness.

Similarly, Adam Cerra’s Girlfriend, was the Sports Trainer at Marcellin Old Collegians Football Club. She was also a sports coach at the Strathcona Girls Grammar.

Claudia is pursuing a Doctor of Physiotherapist (DPT) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) graduate at The University of Melbourne with a passion for musculoskeletal, sports and exercise.

The elegant student is somehow private regarding her family. She has not talked or posted about her parents on social media.

However, with some digging, Claudia has a minor brother, Louis Piva.

Adam Cerra
Claudia with her mischievous brother at Sanom Beach. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, Adam and Claudia love traveling around the most fabulous tourist destination, including Paris, London, Wales, Japan etc. 

Among all the destinations they have traveled to, the couple is fond of the beaches of Australia. 

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Adam Cerra And Claudia Piva Relationship Timeline

According to their social media handles, the two started dating in 2017.

Claudia Piva, Adam Cerra’s girlfriend, captured the young athlete’s heart during high school. Adam Cerra and Claudia Piva have been a happy couple ever since. 

In 2017, Adam Cerra was pictured accompanying his girlfriend to the prom, according to his Instagram.

Adam Cerra
Adam and Cerra have known each other since their days in high school. (Source: Instagram)

The couple seems t consider themselves too young to get married. The adorable duo will ultimately, we hope, have years of experiences to draw from. A wedding between Adam Cera and Claudia Piva might happen sooner or later.

The two live together in Charlton with her pets, including her dog and a cat. The name of her cat is Elaine.

However, they seem to like being tourists to other parts of the globe. 

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Adam Cerra And Girlfriend Caludia Piva Age Gap

Adam Cerra and Claudia have an age gap of only a few months. Adam Cerra was born on October 7 7, 1999 and is 23 years old.

Claudia was born on December 13, 1999, just two months younger than her partner.

Adam Cerra and Claudia are having the time of their life in Serpentine Falls. (Source: Instagram)

Adam Cerra’s girlfriend is a foot shorter than him. The footballer measures about 186 cm (6 feet 1 inch) and Weighs about 81 kg (179 lbs).

Given his age, his physique is considered above average. Since Adam Cerra’s girlfriend is a professional sports trainer, she will surely lend him a hand in working out and recovery sessions.

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