Khanyi Mbau Husband

Young, Famous & African Khanyi Mbau Husband Mandla Mthembu: Age Gap

Khanyi Mbau Husband, Mandla Mthembu, is a businessman based in South Africa.

South African Actress, socialite, and television personality Khanyi Mbau. She was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, on October 15, 1985.

Mbau became well-known in the early 2000s and is now renowned for her colorful lifestyle and divisive public persona.

Mbau first became well-known for her appearances on the South African music program “Shout Out,” where she co-hosted.

Later, she made a career change and began acting. She made appearances in several films and television programs, including the drama series “After 9” and the soap opera “Muvhango.”

She rose to prominence in the South African entertainment sector due to her performances, which drew praise and criticism.

Khanyi Mbau has undertaken several endeavors other than acting. She worked as a radio host and recorded a music album.

She has also frequently made news for her personal life and relationships in South African tabloids and gossip magazines.

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Young, Famous & African Khanyi Mbau Husband Mandla Mthembu

South African entrepreneur, socialite, and erstwhile millionaire Mandla Mthembu. In 2006, Khanyi Mbau and Mandla Mthembu were married.

Since dating in 2005, Khanyi and Mandla’s relationship has been the subject of tabloid headlines.

Unknown is the exact date of Mandla Mthembu’s birth. Mandla should be between 67 and 68, given that he and his then-wife Khanyi Mbau had a 30-year age gap when they first got married, and Khanyi is now 37.

Khanyi Mbau Husband
Khanyi Mbau and her ex-Husband Mandla (Source:

A daughter was also born to the couple in 2006. Later, they separated after his ex-wife Khanyi reported a string of abuse.

Dolly Matshabe and Mandla Mthembu were previously married. After having a daughter together and divorcing shortly after, Mandla sought solace in the arms of another lady.

Khanyi Mbau Husband Mandla Mthembu: Age Gap

Despite having a 30-year age difference, the couple began dating, and within a year, they were married. However, Khanyi persisted; in 2006, they were married in a religious ceremony.

Because she dated the older man, she was called a gold-digger.

Masibulele Makepula, also known as Hawk, a three-time world boxing champion, presided over the union.

A daughter was born to Khanyi Mbau and Mandla in December. They appeared to be delighted in the photos.

Khanyi Mbau and Mandla were pleased in photos, and their relationship seemed perfect until Khanyi Mbau claimed that Mandla was aggressive and used to abuse her while she was pregnant.

She admits that for more than 20 years, this experience made her depressed. Mandla allegedly began a routine of binge drinking and amassed a sizable debt.

Khanyi’s Father also got what he deserved when he lost all his riches. Khanyi blatantly said that she was dating him for his money.

She admits that she never truly loved Mandla after they split up.

Khanyi Mbau Family

In Johannesburg’s Hillbrow, Khanyi Mbau was born. Khanyisile, which means “light bringer,” is her real name.

Menzi Mcunu, Khanyi’s Father, is a businessman with over three decades of experience in the cab Company. He is a multi-business owner.

Khanyi Mbau Husband
Khanyi Mbau with her daughter (Source:

Lynette Sisi Mbau, Khanyi’s mother, apparently worked in finance. Khanyi’s parents were never wed, and she spent much of her early years in Soweto, living with her strict grandmother Gladys.

Two of Khanyi’s siblings are known. Khanyi’s younger brother Lasizwe Dambuza is a YouTube celebrity. On her Father’s side, he is her half-brother. Thandeka Mcunu is the name of Khanyi’s other sister.

Khanukani, often known as Cannes, is the only child that Khanyi Mbau has. Mandla Mthembu, previously wealthy, is the Father of her daughter.

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