Yassi Pressman Husband

Yassi Pressman Husband: Is She Married To Boyfriend Jon Semira?

Yassi Pressman Husband has received massive media attention since Yassi disclosed her relationship with him in 2022. 

Born on May 11, 1995, in British Hong Kong to a Filipino mother and a British father, Yassi is a British-Filipino celebrity. 

She is a multitalented rising actress, model, television personality, singer and dancer. 

She became famous for portraying Alyana Arevalo in the famous  FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Yassi has established herself as a notable figure in the Philippine entertainment industry, showcasing her talents as a versatile actress and a remarkably skilled singer and dancer.

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Meet Yassi Pressman Husband: Is She Married To Boyfriend Jon Semira?

It is unknown whether Yassi Pressman is married to her boyfriend, Jon Semira. However, they are still together. 

Actress Yassi Pressman met Semira a few years ago through mutual friends.

Originally from Canada, Semira had previously lived in the Philippines but moved back to Canada before they met.

However, despite working in Singapore, he eventually returned to the Philippines for Pressman.

Yassi Pressman Husband
Yassi Pressman with her Partner Jon Semira.(Source; Instagram

Pressman has described their relationship as feeling secure and comforting to her in various interviews. 

Pressman publicly revealed her relationship with Semira in July 2022 when she wished him on his birthday through an Instagram post.

Before dating Semira, Pressman had been romantically linked with her “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” co-star, Coco Martin.

However, she consistently denied romantic involvement with Martin while working on screen.

Yassi Pressman And Jon Semira Relationship Timeline

Thanks to their shared circle of friends, Yassi Pressman and Jon Semira crossed paths a few years ago.

Originally from Canada, Jon Semira lived in the Philippines before returning to his home country.

However,  he decided to move back to the Philippines for Yassi Pressman. Despite his work commitments in Singapore, he tried to be present and embrace their growing relationship.

Yassi Pressman made their relationship public in July 2022. She wished him on Instagram on Jon’s birthday, providing the first glimpse into their romantic relationship.  

When asked about their relationship, Yassi described it as secure and comforting.

Yassi Pressman Husband
Yassi Pressman and her vacation partner. (Source: Instagram

After experiencing challenges, she expressed gratitude for the absence of pressure and stress.

Their connection felt like home to her, providing stability and tranquility.

Their relationship shows how important it is to build a strong base for their relationship, even when they are far apart.

They have learned to overcome the challenges of distance and cherish the peacefulness of a secure connection.

As they continue on their journey together, it’s clear that their love for each other is getting stronger and stronger.

Yassi Pressman Dating History 

Yassi Pressman keeps her personal and romantic life private, so limited information about her dating history is available.

As of now, it has been reported that she has had at least one previous relationship. However, details about her past dates and relationship are not disclosed. 

Once there were rumors of  Pressman romantically linked with her “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” co-star, Coco Martin.

She cleared the air confirming there was nothing between her and  Martin while working on the screen and they were just co-stars. 

Yassi Pressman
Beautiful Yassi Pressman.(Source: Instagram

Then, she started dating her current boyfriend, Jon Semira, an entrepreneur. They have been together since 2022. The duo has had a smooth relationship so far. 

They seem to be very happy and enjoying each other company. Jon and Yassi are yet to marry. As a result, wedding bells might ring soon.

However, Neither of them has talked about engagements or weddings. We wish the couple all the happiness in the world. They make a gorgeous pair. 

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