Moira dela Torre Sister

Who Is Moira dela Torre Sister Mariah Cruzado? Age Gap And Parents

Moira dela Torre sister, Mariah Cruzado, and the age gap between them raise questions after Mariah’s recent comment on Moira’s ex-husband, Jason Hernandez.

Moira Dela Torre is a soulful singer-songwriter from the Philippines. She started her professional career in 2013 after appearing on The Voice of the Philippines.

She was born on November 4, 1993. Dela Torre’s successful songs include “Sundo,” “Torete,” and “Titibo-tibo,” which earned first place in the Himig Handog competition.

Her debut album “Malaya” displayed her ability and received positive feedback from fans.

Dela Torre is a fervent Christian who married fellow singer Jason Marvin Hernandez. She continues to leave an indelible mark on the Filipino music landscape with her sincere lyrics and strong voice.

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Moira dela Torre Sister Mariah Cruzado

Mariah Cruzado is the sister of Moira dela Torre, a well-known Filipino singer-songwriter.

While Moira is well-known for her beautiful singing, Mariah has made news of her outspoken personality and recent remarks against Moira’s former husband, Jason Hernandez.

In May 2023, Mariah came to Twitter to comment on Jason’s music video for “Ikaw Pa Rin,” which many assumed was dedicated to Moira.

Mariah and many internet users picked up a line in the song: “And when I said I loved her, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” Even after months and years, why are you still the one I yearn for?”

Moira dela Torre Sister
Celebrity Moira dela Torre Taking a mirror selfie (Source: Instagram)

In reaction, Mariah made critical remarks about Jason’s apparent lack of effort in his relationship with Moira and their family.

She emphasized that he had made no meaningful efforts for her sister or their family during and after their divorce. Her tweets shed insight into Jason and the dela Torre family’s poor relationship.

Mariah’s honest words drew much attention and prompted debate among Moira and Jason’s fans and admirers.

Her words gave insight into the delicate interpersonal dynamics and showed the dela Torre siblings’ close kinship, as Mariah aggressively defended her sister’s interests and emotions.

As a result, Mariah Cruzado emerged as a loud character in the story involving Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez, heightening the public’s curiosity and interest in their personal lives.

Moira dela Torre And Moira Age Gap

Mariah Cruzado, the sister of Filipino singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre, is a somewhat reclusive person.

The particular information about the two sisters’ age disparity has not been generally revealed.

While Mariah maintains a low public profile, she frequently participates with her Twitter followers, giving her views and ideas on various issues.

Moira dela Torre Sister
Moira dela Torre performing on stage> (Source: Instagram)

While Mariah’s social media presence provides insights into her personality, her sporadic tweets frequently focus on supporting her sister or expressing her opinions.

This heightens the mystery around Moira’s personal life, with fans and followers anxiously awaiting any clues Mariah may reveal.

Given the minimal facts provided, Mariah Cruzado plays an essential part in Moira dela Torre’s life as her sister and confidante.

Although the details of their age difference are unknown, their link as siblings surely adds to their strong friendship and mutual support.

Moira dela Torre Parents Edralyn Palacios-Bustamante And John Dela Torre 

Edralyn Palacios-Bustamante (Mother) and John Dela Torre (Father) are Moira dela Torre’s parents. Their family history has been fraught with difficulties and emotional upheavals.

Moira broke the tragic news of her parent’s divorce and her father’s unsuccessful custody struggle on social media in 2018.

She said that her father had tried to kidnap her. However, they were able to rejoin after twelve years apart.

Moira remarked on the significance of her fathers being at her wedding in 2019, calling it the biggest miracle of her life.

Moira dela Torre Sister
Moira dela Torre exploring the mountains. Great Picture. (Source: Instagram)

Her parents’ marriage was terminated when she was three years old, and her father moved away due to the divorce.

Moira and her birth father were reunited in San Francisco in August of the previous year.

She had the honor of having her biological father and stepfather escort her down the aisle during her wedding.

Moira thanked her fathers for putting aside their disagreements and becoming friends in an Instagram post.

She had felt their love and support her whole life and saw their attendance at her wedding as a tremendous gift.

Moira’s experience taught her that when God intervenes, He not only heals the surface problems but also restores and renews.

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