Eric Judor.

Who Is Eric Judor From Represent? Family Siblings And Net Worth

Let’s unveil the facts about the star of Netflix’s Represent series Eric Judor.

Actor and comedian Éric Judor were born on July 25, 1968, in Meaux.

Judor is an integral part of the French entertainment scene, mostly known for his work with the comedy duo Eric and Ramzy.

Éric’s father was from Guadeloupe, and his mother was Austrian, with the two having met in Paris.

After his parents moved to Dampierre-en-Yvelines, Éric attempted to become a professional tennis player at the age of 18; however, after a short period of time, Éric decided to pursue a different career path.

After discovering his passion for comedy and performing, Eric began to make a name for himself in Paris.

Éric Judor returned to the spotlight with his new buddy movie, ‘The Magic Kids.’

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Meet Eric Judor Family And Siblings

Eric Judor is now 55 years old and is both a father and husband.

Although he and his wife don’t often discuss his family life publicly, we do know they share two children together.

Beatrix Judor is the son, and Luna Judor is the daughter of the discreet couple.

Eric Judor with his wife.
Eric Judor with his wife. (Source: closermag)

Éric Judor actively supports his children’s passions and encourages them to develop their skills in whatever interests them.

Regarding Eric Judor’s private life, not much has been shared by either him or his wife about his family life. 

Not much to talk about his siblings, and he has kept the information private regarding his siblings by being highlighted. 

Rumor Suggests That He Is A Millionaire Let Us See If The Rumor Is True

The actor from Meaux holds an impressive net worth of $5 million exemplifies the success he has achieved.

Éric Judor’s impressive net worth reflects his immense popularity and influence as a  comedian and actor. Judor compiled the huge sum largely from his acting career in movies.

While this is certainly nothing to sneeze at, it doesn’t quite put him in the realm of the wealthiest French comedians.

Eric Judor watching his own movie Platane.
Eric Judor watching his own movie Platane. (Source: Instagram)

 Unsurprisingly, Eric Judor’s net worth is expected to increase over the next few years through his various comedic exploits and recognizable presence in future movie projects.

With several projects already in the works, we may soon see just how far Eric Judor’s fame and fortune can take him.

With his upcoming projects and various performances already seen on the French comedy scene, it’s safe to say that Éric Judor and Ramzy Bedia are sure to remain iconic comedic figures for many years to come.

Beginning Of Successful Career Of A French Comedian: Eric Judor

Comedian Eric spent two years as a tour guide in the United States and Canada before finding work as a logistician at Bouygues – organizing the engineers’ schedules who worked on oil platforms.

In 1998, he joined forces with Ramy Bensebaini and two other comedians to form the Represent cast.

Eric and Ramzy became well known mainly thanks to their comedy series “H,” which aired from 1998 to 2002. Still, their feature films, including La Tour Montparnasse Infernale (2001), have proven to be international hits.

Ramzy Bedia pulling Eric Judor at the premiere of Alad'2 at Le Grand Rex
Ramzy Bedia pulling Eric Judor at the premiere of Alad’2 at Le Grand Rex. (Source: gqmagazine)

Together, they became known for their unique mix of improvisational comedy, sketch, and cartoon-style humor.

After this success, Éric began a solo career, writing, directing, and producing the comedy series Platane, as well as starring in Mohamed Dubois (2013), Problems (2017), and Roulez Jeunesse (2018).

This decade-spanning film follows three misfits who attempt to save their families by using their unique magical abilities.

Eric played a lead role in The Magic Kids, which was released in theaters on January 23, 2020.

In addition to his usual comedic skill, Judor brought a more serious touch to this feature film along with his colleague Ramzy, who undoubtedly allowed audiences to discover a different side of the popular comedy duo.

Undoubtedly, Éric Judor’s career currently shows no signs of slowing down.

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