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Who Is Elodie Clarke? Wiki Age Parents And Siblings

Guardian of the Galaxy Elodie Clarke Wiki is not available. To know more about her age, her parents, and her siblings, read the whole article. 

She is known for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. She is portrayed to-be-confirmed character. This is her first debut movie.

Elodie Clarke is a child Actress and model. Clarke is just three years old and getting attention through her first movie. 

At this age, she is showing interest in an acting career which is a significant step for her future. She will become famous like other actresses if she continues working on her acting journey. 

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Elodie Clarke Wiki

Elodie Clarke is a rising child Actress. According to the sources, she is a cheerful, bright, and friendly child. 

The child Actress loves to meet new friends wherever she goes. She is an extrovert and never shy of breaking down public places by saying, ‘Hello, I am Elodie. What’s your name?’. 

Elodie Clarke Wiki
Elodie Clarke’s photo posted by Nicolez Maxwell congratulating her for booking Guadian of the Galaxy Vol.3 (Image Source: Instagram)

Clarke loves to share stories and makeup songs, and dance. She is colorful, entertaining, and loved by everyone who meets her. 

She is a client of TANDM Talent Management, managed by Nicole Maxwell. 

TANDM Talent Management represents children, teens, and adults. The agency is related to arts and entertainment. 

The child Actress also joined East Coast Talent Agency. 

Additionally, If she is passionate about acting, joining this agency will be worthwhile for her future acting career. 

Elodie Clarke Age

Elodie Clarke is three years old. She looks cute, friendly, and the happiest girl in her photos.  

She is just three and loves acting, but maybe she is unaware of what she is doing. She is just following the guidance for now. 

Currently, no website has written about Elodie Clarke. 

If the child Actress Elodie continues her career in this profession, everyone will know her and be interested to know more about her life. Then many websites are curious to write about her. 

As she grows up, she will be more polished in her acting. 

Elodie Clarke Parents And Siblings

Elodie Clarke was raised by her parents, whose information is not available. 

The child Actress is on Instagram with 79 followers and 62 followings. 

Since she is a child, her account is not opened by herself. 

The account is opened with her name but is managed by his parents and her agency. 

Elodie Clarke Wiki
Elodie Clarke posted this picture celebrating Christmas with friends and sister, organized by their agent  (Image Source; Instagram)

Going through her following list, we found Khrystina Clarke. In her bio, she has written Loving my life as a Mama and Wife. 

Since they have the same surname, we guess Khrystina Clarke is her mother. Her Instagram account is private. 

Talking about her siblings, we found two little girls older than Elodie. Their names are Aria Clarke and McKenzie Clarke. They all follow each other. 

Aria Clarke is seven years old, and McKenzie Clarke is 10. McKenzie has been featured in the movie Creed Crew 

The girls are in the same agency. They have the same surname and are seen visiting the same places through his Instagram account. 

Because of these reasons or coincidence, we are assuming them as sisters. 

Furthermore, as they all are still a child, the information about them is still secret. 

All three Clarke sisters have the same dream to be an Actress and have been working on it from an early age. 

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