Lauren Kavanaugh Siblings

Who Are Lauren Kavanaugh Siblings? Family And Ethnicity

Lauren Kavanaugh siblings, including Blake Strohl, were aware of the horrific abuse she was experiencing at the hands of their mother and stepfather.

Lauren Kavanaugh gained notoriety as ‘The Girl in the Closet,’ a victim of extreme abuse and neglect at the hands of her mother and step-father.

She was discovered by authorities in 2001, at the age of eight, weighing only 25 pounds and appearing to be a toddler due to severe malnourishment.

Lauren’s emaciated body was rescued from a closet where she had been imprisoned for six years, suffering horrific physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her abusers. She had been denied access to basic necessities like food, water, and hygiene, and was found sitting in her own waste.

Upon her rescue, Lauren was rushed to a hospital in Dallas, Texas, where she received life-saving medical treatment. 

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Who Are Lauren Kavanaugh Siblings?

Lauren Kavanaugh has several siblings, including Blake Strohl, who were aware of the horrific abuse she was experiencing at the hands of their mother and stepfather.

At the time of rescue In the house, there were other children ranging in age from 22 months to 11 years old. Lauren mother Barbara had 6 childrens with 4 different fathers.

lauren kavanaugh siblings
Lauren Kavanaugh was eight years old and weighed just 25.6 pounds when she was rescued in 2001. ( Image Source: All That’s Interesting )

They were warned by Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson not to reveal the fact that Lauren was being kept in a closet and subjected to sexual and physical abuse. Despite hearing her screams and cries for help, they kept silent about the situation.

When Lauren was rescued, her siblings were devastated by the horrific condition in which she was found, weighing only 25 pounds and suffering from starvation, physical and sexual abuse, and neglect.

The trauma of the abuse Lauren endured and the knowledge that they were unable to help their sister has had a lasting impact on her siblings. 

Lauren Kavanaugh Family And Ethnicity

Lauren Kavanaugh’s family background and ethnicity is complex and multifaceted. She was born to Barbara Calhoun, who had a total of six children with four different fathers.

Lauren’s father’s identity was unknown to Barbara at the time of her birth, and she was eventually put up for adoption by her biological mother.

lauren kavanaugh Siblings
lauren kavanaugh parents Barbara and Kenneth Atkinson. ( Image Source: Bugged Space )

Lauren was then adopted by Bill and Sabrina Kavanaugh, who were eager to have a child of their own.

However, the joy of adoption soon turned into horror as they discovered the abuse and neglect that Lauren had suffered at the hands of her birth mother and stepfather.

As for Lauren’s ethnicity, it is not publicly known, and her family background is also not well-documented. Given her mother’s last name of Calhoun, it’s possible that Lauren has African American ancestry, but this is purely speculative. 

Lauren Kavanaugh’s sexual assault charges

In 2018, Lauren Kavanaugh, at the age of 25, was arrested and charged with sexually abusing a minor.

She had met the 14-year-old victim on her Facebook page, “The Lauren Kavanaugh Story,” which was created to offer support to other abuse victims.

After police discovered a sexually explicit conversation on Facebook, they questioned Lauren and informed the victim’s family about the allegations.

lauren kavanaugh siblings
Abuse Survivor Dubbed ‘Girl In The Closet’ Arrested For Sexually Assaulting Child, 14. ( Image Source: RadarOnline )

Lauren admitted to having a sexual relationship with the underage girl during the police interview.

Both the victim and Lauren confirmed the existence of the relationship, which had been ongoing for two months. Lauren was indicted on three counts of sexual assault of a child in March 2019.

However, the charges were eventually dropped, and she was released from jail in October 2021. The prosecutors filed a motion to dismiss the charges, and the case was closed by a judge on the same day.

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