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Walker Kessler Wife: Is He Married To Maggie Hellgeth? Kids And Relationship Timeline

Discover the latest about Walker Kessler Wife, Kids and relationship timeline. Also, know if Maggie Hellgeth is his wife.

Walker Kessler is a college basketball player from the University of North Carolina.

Walker is a 611 center known for his solid defense and ability to finish plays around the rim.

His length and athleticism make him a tough matchup for opposing teams. He is a strong rebounder and can score from all three levels.

Kessler also has a good understanding of the game, which helps him make the right decisions on both ends of the court.

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Walker Kessler Wife: Is He Married To Maggie Hellgeth?

No, Walker Kessler is not married to Maggie Hellgeth.

Walker Kessler is a college basketball player for the University of Georgia and has not publicly announced any plans to marry.

Walker Kessler
Walker Kessler is not open about girlfriend pictures. ( Source: Instagram )

Maggie Hellgeth is a professional basketball player who has played for various teams in the WNBA.

She is currently playing for the Atlanta Dream and is not in a relationship with Walker Kessler.

As of now, there are few indications that they are in a relationship.

Walker Kessler is currently focused on his college basketball career and has not made any announcements about his personal life.

Who is Meggie Hellgeth? Do they have children together?

Maggie Hellgeth is a former college soccer player who is now the girlfriend of professional basketball player Walker Kessler.

She attended the University of Minnesota, where she played for their women‘s soccer team.

After graduating in 2019, she began working as a medical assistant at a hospital in Minneapolis.

Walker Kessler
Walker Kessler is not open about girlfriend pictures. ( Source: Instagram )

In 2019, Hellgeth began dating Kessler, who was at the time a freshman at the University of North Carolina.

The couple attended the same high school in Minnesota and have been together ever since. Both have been active on social media, sharing pictures of their time.

Hellgeth is an avid sports fan who loves supporting Kessler in his professional career.

Maggie frequently attends his games and cheers him on. She also helps him stay motivated and focused on the court.

In addition to her relationship with Kessler, Hellgeth is an ambitious young woman who is passionate about helping others.

She inspires many young women, showing that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

As of now, They do not have children together.

Maggie Hellgeth Relationship Timeline

Maggie Hellgeth and Walker Kessler first started dating in July 2020. They first met through mutual friends and quickly hit it off.

Since then, the couple has been inseparable. They have attended numerous events, including sporting events, concerts, and even festivals

They also regularly post pictures and updates of their adventures on social media.

In December 2020, Walker posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram, confirming their relationship.

Their friends and family have supported their relationship, and they often post photos of them together on social media.

Walker Kessler
Walker is not open about Maggie pictures. ( Source: Instagram )

Walker and Maggie have also been traveling together since the start of 2021. They have gone on trips to the beach and mountains and even a few road trips.

They often post pictures of their trips on social media, and their friends and family love to follow their adventures.

Walker and Maggie are both passionate about their sports and often attend games together.

They have been seen cheering for their respective teams at various sporting events and wearing matching jerseys.

Maggie and Walker are still going strong, and their relationship is only getting more robust with each passing day.

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