Jennie Kim Net Worth

Uncovering Jennie Kim’s Life: Net Worth, Age, Biography & More!

The world of K-drama and K-pop is incomplete without the mention of Jennie Kim. Born on January 16, 1996, as a singleton, this South Korean singer and rapper have made a name for herself in the music industry.

This article covers the journey of Jennie Kim’s rise to fame, net worth and other details.

Jennie Kim’s Net Worth in 2024

Currently, the net worth of Jennie Kim stands at an estimated $10 million as of 2024.

However, what is unknown is the rise of her net worth from 2019 to 2021. As of 2024, it is yet to be revealed.

Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim (Source: National Today)

Nevertheless, her wealth and fame have grown exponentially over the years.

Jennie Kim Age

At 27, Jennie Kim has already achieved major milestones in her career.

Not only a singer and rapper, but she has also ventured into the field of fashion. The artist has been hailed as the “Human Chanel” and “Human Gucci,” owing to her excellent fashion sense.

Before her career in music, Jennie Kim spent five years studying in New Zealand.

It was during this time that she started taking an interest in the music of YG Entertainment. She eventually became a part of the girl group Blackpink, where she released her first song as a solo artist, “Solo.”

Jennie Kim Net Worth
Jennie Kim Net Worth (Source:

This song was a commercial success, topping various Gaon Chart and World Digital Songs. Moreover, she will make her acting debut in the 2023 season of HBO’s The Idol.

Jennie Kim Family

Jennie Kim was born and raised in South Korea. Her parents had only one child, thus making her an only child.

Her father owns a hospital and her mother is a director and shareholder at CJ & M. During her early years, she left her family to live in Auckland, New Zealand, where she attended ACG Parnell College.

Jennie Kim Father and Mother
Jennie Kim Father and Mother (Source:

Jennie Kim Career

Jennie Kim’s career was officially launched when a photo of her with the caption “Who’s that girl?” was featured on the YG Entertainment official blog.

Following her entrance into the YG Entertainment, she soon became the member of the girl group Blackpink.

The group’s third single from its debut studio album, The Album, “Lovesick Girls,” released in October 2020, was co-written by her own self.

Additionally, she has since then gone on tours and performed her songs solo.

Jennie Kim Height

Jennie has never failed to showcase her musical skills. With artists like Lauryn Hill, TLC and Rihanna being her musical inspiration, her prowess over vocals can be seen in her work.

Moreover, her height is estimated to be 1.63 m.

As of now, the star has earned massive fame and respect in the industry. Despite facing numerous challenges in the initial years, she has made a name for herself.

As her career progresses, her net worth and other details related to her are expected to evolve with time.

Jennie Kim Social Media

In social media, Jennie Kim has been an active presence. With a staggering 21 million followers on her Instagram account and 12 million followers on Twitter, she has been engaging with her fans worldwide through her posts.

Her YouTube channel also enhances her reach, with over 5 million subscribers.

Jennie Kim’s Music Style

Jennie Kim’s music style is a mix of pop, hip-hop and R&B. She likes to experiment with different kinds of beats and rhythms, and it reflects in the bold nature of her songs.

Some of the songs she has written include “Playing with Fire,” “Kill This Love,” and “How You Like That.”

Jennie Kim Discography

So far, Jennie Kim has released two EPs: Square One and Square Two. Both of these albums have some of the most iconic titles, including “Boombayah,” “Whistle,” “Stay,” and “As If It’s Your Last.” As of 2021, Jennie Kim has featured on over 10 singles with other artists.

Jennie Kim Popularity

Jennie Kim’s popularity has grown quickly since her debut in 2016 with Blackpink. Apart from the success of Blackpink, she has amassed more fans with her solo career.

Her songs have also appeared on multiple soundtracks from famous dramas like Goblin and When The Camellia Blooms.

Jennie Kim’s Business Ventures

Besides being a singer and rapper, Jennie Kim is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2020, she launched her own fashion brand, JENNIESTYLE.

An exclusive collection with the brand CALVIN KLEIN followed this.

She also has a self-created makeup line called JENNIE KIM MAKEUP which is available through the Korean e-commerce platform Gmarket.

Jennie Kim Awards

Jennie Kim has won many awards for her singing, acting, and songwriting skills. Her first award was from the Korean Music Festival for her work with Blackpink, which won Best New K-Pop Artist in 2017. She has also won the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Female Solo Artist.

Jennie Kim Philanthropy

Apart from her flourishing career, Jennie Kim also doesn’t forget to extend her help to the community.

She is a part of YG Entertainment’s donation program, through which she has given out 21,900 masks to medical facilities in South Korea.

Furthermore, she conducted a joint donation campaign with UNICEF, spreading awareness about the need to care for children worldwide.

Jennie Kim’s Relationship Status

Regarding her relationship status, Jennie Kim has kept her private life under wraps. However, it is reported that she is currently single.

She has been linked with celebrities like Ji Chang Wook, Kang Seung Yoon, and YG producer Teddy Park.

Jennie Kim’s Endorsements

Jennie Kim has been involved in numerous endorsement deals since her debut. She has been an official ambassador of the luxury brand LUXURY 187, known for its glamorous watches. Moreover, she has also endorsed products from Pepsi, Hyundai, Calvin Klein, and others.

Jennie Kim’s Future Plans

Jennie Kim plans to focus more on her acting career in the near future.

She has been busy preparing for her upcoming drama The Idol, which will premiere on HBO in 2023.

She is also working on new music and singles, which will be released soon.

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