David Concannon Missing

Titanic Submarine David Concannon Missing Update: Is He Found Yet?

The news of David Concannon missing has been all over the Internet as he was supposed to be on board along with five others who went missing.  Concannon turned out to be lucky when he canceled his ride on the missing Titanic submarine last minute. 

After confessing that he was supposed to be on board the Titanic submarine, which vanished in the Atlantic, a lawyer with over 40 years of scuba diving expertise had a tight escape.

David Concannon, an attorney and explorer, started scuba diving at the age of 14. As a “New Jersey wreck diver” in the late 1980s, he went on to investigate further shipwrecks.

The statement comes after a submarine designed to ferry visitors to the Titanic catastrophe vanished off the Canadian coast of Newfoundland.

According to the Boston Coastguard, a search and rescue operation is presently underway.

The tiny submarine that takes paying visitors to the Titanic’s buried wreckage some 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland is believed to have carried five people.

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Titanic Submarine David Concannon Missing: Is He Found Yet?

Recent events involving the Titanic Submarine and David Concannon, who many said is missing. Thankfully, the lawyer never boarded the ship and is not missing in real life. 

Although he was supposed to join others on the rise, due to a change of plans, he managed to avoid the disaster. 

A copy of the actual ship, the Titanic Submarine was being utilized for tourism and underwater investigation. Unfortunately, the submarine went missing underwater mysteriously raising a lot of questions. 

David Concannon Missing
David Concannon was supposed to be at the Titanic Submarine that went missing. (Source: mirror)

A significant search effort was conducted after David Concannon, a seasoned diver and crew member, vanished on a dive in September 2022.

Likewise, a different group of divers conducting a different mission near the Titanic disappearance found the discovery.

Authorities are looking into the situation since the specifics of the tragedy are not known yet.

Due to the interesting connection to the Titanic and the associated undersea investigation, David Concannon’s absence caused alarm and attracted media attention.

Where Is David Concannon Now?

David Concannon was supposed to be aboard the missing Titanic submarine. With extreme luck, he skipped the ride and is currently doing well. 

Regarding the missing sub-marine ride, billionaire Hamish Harding, Shazada Dawood, and Sulaiman Dawood are among the five who went missing, 

One message came where it said that please stop calling, texting, messaging and all other forms of communication during this critical time, which interfered with more important communication that needed to resolve that situation as quickly and safely as possible. 

After a submersible used for transporting visitors to the Titanic disaster went missing off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada, the Boston Coastguard initiated a search and rescue operation.

David Concannon Missing
Eplorer and Attorney David Concannon. (Source: thescubanews)

As mentioned above, the submarine is owned by OceanGate Adventures and was carrying five ferrying paying passengers to explore the submerged wreckage of the Titanic, located approximately 370 miles from the Newfoundland coast.

OceanGate Adventures is a private organization specializing in deep-sea adventures. They issued a statement acknowledging the incident and confirming their ownership of the missing submersible.

More About Titanic Submarine Company

On an eight-day journey to the famous wreck site, which is located around 3,800m beneath the ocean’s surface, the business costs $250,000 (£195,270) for each person.

Divers and submarine operators have thoroughly investigated the wreck since its discovery in 1985.

The ship is currently split in two, with an enormous debris field surrounding it and the bow and stern separated by about 800 meters.

According to the business, the submersible has room for five people, including the pilot, three paying customers, and a “content expert.”

The dive to the wreck takes around eight hours in total, including descent and ascent.

It takes two hours to descend and climb, allowing for many hours of investigation of the enormous vessel.

Tourists and aficionados from around the world who are enthralled by the Titanic’s history have expressed interest in the company’s products.

The Titanic Submarine Company enables guests to interact with one of history’s most famous maritime tragedies by offering a distinctive and instructive experience.

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