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Taylor Lautner Twilight, Body Transformation, Career & Net Worth

If you are a Twilight series, then at a point, your favorite star was Taylor Lautner, along with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Well, the famous series is regarded as the milestone for this handsome, but that is not the only film he has appeared on. It is true that for the time being, he is not seen that much in the industry, but he is surely in our hearts.

Taylor Lautner height
Taylor Lautner is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

In this article, we will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about this handsome. From his diet tips to his ex, age, height, we will reveal them all. Before starting to know more about Taylor, let’s get to know more about him through some quick facts.

Quick Facts: Taylor Lautner

Real Name:Taylor Daniel Lautner
NickName:Tay, Diggins
Birth Date:February 11, 1992
Age:29 years old
Birth Place:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Resident:Los Angeles, California, United States
Father’s Name:Daniel Lautner
Mother’s Name:Deborah Lautner
Siblings:Makena Lautner
Height:5 ft 8½ in or 174 cm
Weight:74 kg or 163 pounds
Body Measurements:Unknown
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black
Education:Valencia High School
Profession:Actor, Voiceover Artist, Model
Girlfriend:Taylor Dome
Net Worth:$40 Million
Social Media Presence:Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Childhood, Education, Parents, and Siblings

Taylor Lautner was born to mother Deborah and father Daniel Lautner. His mother works in a software development company, while his father was a Midwest Airlines pilot. This actor is blessed to have a younger sister whose name is Makena. 

He is from mixed ethnicity of Australian, Eglish, Dutch French, German, Swiss, Irish and more. Also, he is a proud citizen of America. Later the whole family migrated to Hudsonville, Michigan.

Taylor Lautner age
Taylor Lautner is 28 years old.

Since his childhood, Taylor was keen on karate. Hence just at the age of six, he took classes for karate. Within a year, he attended a national karate tournament located in Louisville, Kentucky. As per education, he has been to the University of California.

Even more, he has enrolled in Valencia High School, located in Valencia, California. From his childhood, he always dreamt of being an actor. But his friends used to bully him a lot for wanting to be an actor.

How Old Is Taylor Lautner?- Age, Height, and Body Measurement

This brilliant man was born as Taylor Daniel Lautner in 1992 and is 28 years old in 2020. He celebrates his birthday on the 11th day of February. Also, he falls under the sun sign of Aquarius. People falling under this sign are considered to be talented, emotional, versatile, and whatnot.

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Being a model, Taylor stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm. He weighs about 168 pounds, which translates to 76 kg in general. Lautner has short black hair and a pair of dark brown eyes. His brown skin complexion makes him look hot even more.

Taylor Lautner Favorite Things

  • Favorite Food – Chinese, Mexican, Steak
  • Favorite Bands – Nickelback, Black Eyed Peas, Rocket Summer
  • Favorite Movies – Braveheart (1995), Iron Man (2008), The Bourne Series (2002, 2004, 2007, 2012), Gladiator (2000)
  • Favorite TV Programs – UFC, The Apprentice (2004-), American Idol (2002-)
  • Favorite Colors – Blue, Black
  • Favorite Sport – Football
  • Favorite Accessories – Ball Caps, Vans Shoes
  • Favorite Actors – Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon
  • Favorite Places – Michigan, Sydney

How To Have A Body Like Taylor Lautner?

First thing first before the Twilight second series, this man was only 140 pounds. But as the second series developed, the cast manager decided to replace him with someone who was bulky and had a significant transformation.

During that time, Taylor was very determined to stay in the show so, he got himself into a severe workout. After many months he gained weight, and his lanky body converted to a muscular guy. Later the cast did not bother to replace him after encountering such a major transformation.

So how did he gain much weight? He said, Eat right and follow a smart, strategic workout regimen. Maximize your genetic potential. Firstly he wants his fans to push their limit and increase the amount of weight they lift every few days.

Also, do not overwork your abs because a lot of guys hit abs every time they went to the gym. That is the reason why a few of them have a six-pack. Secondly, have a recovery plan. If you work out for five days a week, then take the third day off. If you continuously pound your muscles, then they will never have time to repair.

Lastly, feed your body with proper nutrition. He says, “How much you’ll eat depends on how much you want to weigh.” Count your calorie intake every day. To do that, use this formula,

Goal weight x (workout hours per week + 9.5) = daily number of calories

Do not forget to do Swiss Ball leg curl, Reverse Crunches, Swiss Ball Pikes, Hanging Leg Raises, the Prone cobra.


At the age of 7, this dandy man was auditioning for several commercials. He went to audition for Burger ad and other endorsements, but he was rejected every time. Soon he received a job to do a voice-over in the likes of Rugrats Go Wild. Eventually, he was cased in The Bernie Mac Show, My Wife and Kids, Summerland, and many more.

Taylor worse to fame when he appeared as the Shark Boy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. The movie was not that hit, but he was nominated for the 2006 Young Artist Awards for Best Performance in a feature film by a leading actor.

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Everything changed for this handsome when he portrayed the role of Jacob Black in the famous Vampire series twilight. In the next series of the same movie, The Twilight Saga, fans could see the new version of Jacob. Surely his bulky body and emotional side to Bella Swan won the heart of many.

Fans were so into Jacob that Robert Pattinson had to work hard a lot to get back in the limelight. Along with that, he appeared in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 and Part 2.

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Later he was seen other famous comedy series of all time, such as Grown Ups 2, The Ridiculous 6, and some of the scenes are pretty famous these days too. Moving on to other movies include Abduction, where he played Nathan Harper and Ran the Tide’s role.

Besides that, Taylor has starred in numerous tv shows starting with Summerland, Duck Dodgers, Danny Phantom, Love Inc, He’s a Bully Charlie Brown, Cuckoo, Scream Queens, My Own Worst Enemy to name a few.

As a model, he has graced the cover magazine of GQ Magazine, people, teen Vogue, Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, Pantalla, Entertainment, Candy, Seventeen, to name a few. In 2010 Lautner was placed in the second position by Glamour among the 5- Sexiest Men of 2010 list.

Similarly, he was ranked third on the list of Top 10 Summer Bodies and ranked fourth in People’s Most Amazing Bodies list.

Who Is The Girlfriend of Taylor Lautner?

There is no denying that this handsome got into a relationship with the top model, actress, and singer of the industry. Her first girlfriend was Sara Hicks from 2006. They got to know each other when they were in school. However, their relationship had a lot of ups and downs. Hence they broke up in 2013 after having a lot of one nd off going on their relationship.

The second one is out Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself singer Selena Gomez. Yes, the two was thing several years ago. Another singer who gave heart to Lautner is none other than our favorite singer Taylor Swift. They met on the set of Valentine’s Day, which is a 2010 movie.

Taylor Lautner girfriend
Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Dome.

After their break up, Swift released two hit songs named Back to December and Begin Again. On the set of Abduction, Lautner was introduced to Lily Collins. Soon they were attracted and confirmed they were dating from November 2010 to September 2011.

From 2015 to 2016, this 5 feet 10 inches tall model was rumored to beating Liliana Mumy. Moving on, he dated Billie Lourd for more than seven months before calling it off in July 2017. Last but not least, Lautner is dating Taylor Dome. She is a nursing student, and they revealed their relationship via Instagram on Halloween.

What Is The Net Worth of Taylor Lautner?

This 28 years old handsome makes a hefty amount of money from his career. In 2020 Taylor was ranked among the highest-paid teenager in the world. With his work, he has amassed an impressive amount of $40 million.

Taylor Lautner net worth
Taylor Lautner has a net worth of $40 million.

Sources suggest that his parents bought a three-bed, three baths, 2,366 sq feet somewhere in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, California. Apart from this, there isn’t valid information about his salary, cars, and mansion. We will update more details as soon as it is on the media till then stay tuned.

Social Media Presence

Instagram: 5.7 million followers

Twitter: 97k followers

Facebook: 27,675,566 followers

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