Tate McRae Lesbian

Fact Check: Is Tate McRae Lesbian? Gender And Sexuality

Fact Check: Is Tate McRae Lesbian? Delve inside as we unravel the details of her gender and sexuality while shedding light on her romantic life.

Tate Rosner McRae, a Canadian talent born on July 1, 2003, has made waves as a singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Her journey to stardom began at thirteen on “So You Think You Can Dance,” making history as the first Canadian finalist.

McRae’s rise in the music industry started with her 2017 hit “One Day,” which exploded on YouTube and TikTok, catching RCA Records’ attention.

Her debut EP in 2020, “All the Things I Never Said,” and the international hit single “You Broke Me First,” further cemented her status. In 2021, McRae was the youngest on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Her second EP, “Too Young to Be Sad,” topped the Spotify charts in 2021. McRae’s recent work includes her 2023 single “Greedy” and the album “Think Later,” showcasing her evolving artistry and widespread appeal.

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Fact Check: Is Tate McRae Lesbian?

Contrary to some speculation, Tate McRae is not lesbian. This misconception may stem from her strong connections to the LGBTQ+ community and her vocal support for inclusivity and acceptance.

A passionate advocate for diversity, especially from her dance background, McRae has always emphasized the importance of creating a welcoming environment for people of all genders and orientations.

Tate McRae Lesbian
Tate McRae is an ally. (Source: Instagram)

In a 2022 Audacy interview for Pride, she reiterated her support for individuals of every sexual orientation. While her close friendship with Olivia Rodrigo is well-known, McRae’s relationships have exclusively been with men.

This fact, combined with her active support for the LGBTQ+ community, clarifies her sexual orientation as straight.

Through her actions and public statements, McRae firmly believes in love and acceptance for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

Tate McRae Sexuality And Gender

Tate McRae, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, is generally considered to be straight. This perception largely stems from her history of dating men.

It is essential to acknowledge, however, that sexuality is a spectrum, and individuals may not always fit into specific categories.

While speculation about one’s sexual orientation can be typical, especially for public figures, McRae has not publicly addressed or labeled her sexuality.

Tate McRae Lesbian
Tate McRae is a straight female. (Source: Instagram)

This lack of confirmation from the artist herself suggests that assumptions should be made cautiously, respecting her privacy and personal boundaries.

In the world of showbiz, where personal lives often become public interest, it’s vital to remember the importance of allowing individuals the space and respect to identify as they choose or not to specify at all.

As of now, based on her dating history, McRae is believed to be straight, but it is crucial to leave the topic of her sexuality to her discretion and comfort.

Tate McRae Dating History

Despite her youth, Tate McRae has been in two notable relationships that have captured public attention.

Her first public romance was with Jonny Hader, a multifaceted individual born in Calgary on February 22, 1999.

Known for his academic pursuits at Ivey Business School and varied career, including roles in investment banking and co-founder at Richmond Capital Partners, Hader also contributed creatively to McRae’s career as a cinematographer for her hit “You Broke Me First.”

This relationship, which spanned from 2019 to 2021, was kept low-profile and reportedly inspired her song “Feel Like Sh*t.”

Following her split with Hader, McRae entered a relationship with Cole Sillinger, an ice hockey player for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, born on May 16, 2003.

Their connection, which went public in late 2021, was a blend of romance and friendship, as revealed in a 2022 interview by McRae.

However, this relationship was brief, with breakup rumors surfacing in early 2023 after a noticeable change in social media interactions.

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