Taika Waititi Just Revealed A Huge Hint About Thor: Love and Thunder!

Taiki Waititi is quickly becoming a superstar in the Marvel and Star Wars universe, having directed such iconic films as Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Jojo Rabbit (2019). The multi-talented director just got a tattoo of Natalie Portman’s character in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) and it is sure to excite fans.

Waititi is known for teasing fans about his upcoming movie projects, making sure to keep them on the edge of their seats. Most recently, he has been teasing Thor: Love and Thunder, leading many to believe that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster character will be taking up the mantle of “God of Thunder” from Thor’s Chris Hemsworth. Taking things a step further, Waititi now has a “Jane” tattoo which many assumed was for his beloved dog – until Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, responded confirming that it was indeed for Jane Foster.

This exciting news comes after Natalie Portman had been met with criticism due to reported personal conflicts which resulted in her tumultuous role in Thor: Dark World (2013). It looks like all is forgiven however, as the actress will be returning to star in the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder.

Taiki Waititi is certainly no stranger to the Marvel universe, having made a lasting impression with Thor: Ragnarok and also working on an episode of The Mandalorian. Fans are counting down the days for the director’s next move, and the new “Jane” tattoo only heightens the anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Going off Waititi’s impressive portfolio so far, it’s safe to say that expectations are incredibly high for Thor: Love and Thunder. With such strong fan reactions to Taika Waititi’s “Jane” tattoo, it’s clear the fanbase is ready for Natalie Portman to take up the mantle of “God of Thunder”. Whether it’ll happen or not is still unknown, but fans can only hope that Waititi’s latest tattoo choice is an indication of what’s to come.

It is no secret that the success of Waititi’s movies has been unprecedented. His unique blend of humor, action and heart have attracted many fans to his work, making him a household name in the industry. His wit and charm are what makes him stand out among the rest, and it appears that fans have taken notice of this. Many are excited to see what Waititi can bring to the table for Thor: Love and Thunder, especially with the current hype surrounding the film.

The addition of Waititi’s “Jane” tattoo is seen as an indication from the director himself on what’s to come—and fans couldn’t be happier. The diversity of Waititi’s work has been applauded, from The Mandalorian to Jojo Rabbit and now Thor: Love and Thunder. It is clear he has a knack for crafting compelling stories that leave viewers wanting more, and it looks like Thor: Love and Thunder will be no different.

Waititi has also expressed his enthusiasm towards working with the talented cast of Thor: Love and Thunder. He recently shared a heartfelt Instagram post of himself alongside the stars of the movie, expressing his excitement to collaborate with them. With such strong talent and team spirit already evident, Taika Waititi is sure to bring something amazing to the table.

The excitement for Thor: Love and Thunder is growing every day and Waititi’s “Jane” tattoo has only fed into that anticipation. It’s clear that Waititi respects Natalie Portman’s character and her potential role in the film. Fans are eager to see the director’s vision brought to life and can only hope that Jane Foster will take up the mantle of “God of Thunder” as she was meant to.

Meanwhile, there have been whisperings of Waititi’s next project after Thor: Love and Thunder. Rumors are swirling that he will be tackling the highly anticipated Star Wars movie, a live-action adaptation of The Mandalorian. While there have been no official announcements yet, fans are eagerly awaiting news of what Waititi will do next.

For now, fans can only speculate and get excited for Thor: Love and Thunder. This year’s Comic-Con saw a sizzle reel for the upcoming movie and it left fans dazzled. With stunning visuals and great casting choices, Thor: Love and Thunder promises to bring something fresh and exciting to the Marvel universe.

Given all the hype, it is understandable why fans were so pleased to see Waititi’s “Jane” tattoo. The tattoo has been seen as a sign of respect and admiration for Natalie Portman’s character, and it may be a hint at her taking up the mantle of “God of Thunder”. It is certainly a testament to Waititi’s commitment to the film and its characters.

A lot of things have yet to be revealed about Thor: Love and Thunder, but fans are ready to find out what Taika Waititi has in store. His “Jane” tattoo is a sign that he is ready to bring something special to the Marvel universe, and fans cannot wait to see if Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will take up the mantle of “God of Thunder”. It will certainly be an exciting time for the Marvel fandom when Thor: Love and Thunder finally hits the big screens.

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