Steven Crowder Assault

Steven Crowder Assault Allegation And Leaked Video Gone Viral

Steven Crowder Assault allegation and video have gone viral all over social media as he was seen assaulting his pregnant wife.

Steven Crowder works as a political commentator. He has been popular for some years, gaining a significant following recently.

Steven Crowder was born in 1987. Steven Crowder started his career in the industry as a child actor.

He appeared in many films and television shows.

Even though he had done well in the entertainment sector, his political commentary work made him a household name.

Steven Crowder’s commentary is recognized for its conservative perspectives, and he has strongly advocated for the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

He is notorious for getting into intense arguments with individuals who hold opposing views. These debates have become quite popular, with millions viewing the viral videos.

Even though his opinions may divide people, Crowder has amassed a large audience, boasting millions of YouTube subscribers and a successful podcast.

Despite criticisms of Crowder promoting hate speech and spreading misinformation, he maintains a strong presence in conservative media, and his popularity appears unwavering.

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Steven Crowder Assault Allegation Explained

Steven Crowder, a popular YouTube personality, has been accused of verbally abusing his heavily pregnant wife, Hilary, in disturbing video footage obtained by Journalist Yashar Ali and posted on his Substack.

The video shows Crowder berating his wife for not “performing her wifely duties” and demanding that she do something involving the couple’s dogs, which she was concerned could be toxic to pregnant women.

Steven Crowder Assault
Steven Crowde In His Podcast (Source: radaronline)

He also asked her not to take their only car to go grocery shopping, leaving him stranded at home. When Hilary tells Steven his abuse is sick, he responds aggressively, saying, “Watch it. F***ing watch it.”

The couple is currently going through a public and acrimonious divorce.

Audio files reviewed by Ali reportedly show Steven admitting to having a volcanic temper.

Those admissions, sources told Ali, would only come after a sustained period of mental and emotional abuse.

Crowder denies the abuse allegations and claims that his marriage ended for reasons linked to naturally growing apart rather than infidelity or abuse.

Steven Crowder Leaked Video Gone Viral

Steven Crowder Leaked Video has been all over social media as it is getting viral.
He was seen verbally abusing his wife, Hilary, in a disturbing video.

This video quickly spread over social media like Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook as many users blamed Steven Crowder as guilty and called him to be held accountable for his activity.

Steven Crowder Assault
Steven Crowder Assaulting Her Wife (Source: Twitter)

A Twitter account named @yashar shared the video of him accusing her pregnant wife.

As per many sources, she accused Steven Crowder of abusing her for many years. 

But even though this video is getting viral, Steven Crowder has yet to discuss it. 

The incident served as a timely reminder of social media’s ability to hold prominent personalities responsible for their deeds and the value of being conscious of how our words and deeds affect others.

Although there were differing opinions, the incident highlighted the significance of being aware of how our words and actions can affect others, particularly in the era of social media, where everything we do is closely observed and analyzed.

Steven Crowder Previous Assault Allegation

In 2019, conservative political commentator Steven Crowder faced assault allegations after a video online showed him getting into a physical altercation with a union member during a protest in Michigan.

Crowder denied the allegations, stating that he had acted in self-defense after the union member had threatened him.

He also released his video footage of the incident, which showed the union member approaching him and getting in his face before the altercation occurred.

The incident quickly became controversial, with both supporters and critics of Crowder weighing in on the matter.

Some argued that Crowder had a right to defend himself, while others claimed he had used excessive force and should be held accountable for his actions.

Ultimately, no charges were filed against Crowder, and the incident did not significantly impact his career as a political commentator.

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