Sophie Guidolin Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Instagram, Wiki-Bio

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Sophie Guidolin

The international fitness model and competitor, Sophie Guidolin is best known for winning and securing applaudable positions in several IFBB, WNBF and INBA fitness, and bikini model competitions. Sophie, a fitness instructor, co-created the workout routine The Bod, designed to build muscle and lower body fat levels.

Sophie Guidolin age, height, net worth, wiki-bio
The 30 years old nutritionist Sophie Guidolin

Well, today we’ve collected everything you need to know about the model’s age, height, wiki-bio. To know detail information about her husband, kids, career, and net worth, stick with us! 

Sophie Guidolin Wiki-Bio (Parents, Siblings, & Education)

Sophie was born in Adelaide, Australia, on March 16, 1989. Guidolin was born with the birth sign of Pisces. Information about her parents and siblings are still under the radar.

But we’ll keep you updated once the name and other information about her father and mother, come out to the spotlight. So, stay tuned!

Similarly, no information regarding her education background is out to the general public. Our records are still lacking to collect the info about her educational history.

Sophie Guidolin Age, Height & Body Measurements  

Born in 1989, Sophie Guidolin is 30 years old as of nowThe good-looking model graces her body perfectly everywhere she goes.

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The model stands slim and fair with a height of 5 ft 6 inches weighing 52 kg. Even more, she looks marvelous with light brown hair and blue eyes. 

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Other information about her shoe size, bra size, and body measurements is still under review.

Sophie Guidolin Net Worth: Salary, Income, and Career Earnings 

With her appearance as a model, Sophie Guidolin’s amassed quite a considerable amount of fortune throughout her career. As of now, Sophie Guidolin estimated net worth is $500,000 – $1 million. The primary source of Sophie’s income is modeling.

Success didn’t come overnight to this 30 years old model. In fact, it’s her passion, dedication, and hard work that helped her to reach the level of height of where she’s now. 

Who is Sophie Guidolin Husband? Is she Married or Still Dating? 

The Australian fitness model married twice in her lifetime. She first married her husband, whose name is still in the dark — and shares two kids Kai and Ryder with her ex-husband. We’ve also learned that she divorced her first husband when her children were just 2 and 1 years of age.

Later, she met Nathan Wallace, a professional fitness coach, while on the Gold Coast for a fitness photoshoot. She even admires that it changed her life in ways that she’d never known. She moved to the Gold Coast for nearly six years ago.

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Eventually, Sophie tied the knot with her spouse Nathan Wallace in 2014. Details regarding their weddings are still under the radar.

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This photo was taken almost 4 years ago. Holy crap what a whirlwind it has been raising twins plus 2 business and 2 other kids 🤯 I was just looking through old Facebook photos and it has been SUCH a blur. Travelling overseas 6+ times with all the kids, flying interstate, ran the businesses, moved house and done so with very limited family support (interstate) that it’s not until we sit back and look through memories we realise that we do actually deserve a pat on the back. Farrrrrr our it’s hard! Seriously parents, especially twin (or even more so- multiples of more!) take a moment (or more!) to really acknowledge just how a- hard it is, and b- how incredible you’re doing. ❤️ I’m proud of you, your kids will be too!!! #hardestjobintheworld #itneverstops #differentchallenges #twins #parenting #sohard #iwanttobeakidagain 💁🏼‍♀️😝

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However, we do know that she shares twin girls born in 2016 with Nathan. The couple is getting stronger than ever. As in the same profession, Nathan helps his wife in every step.

Sophie Guidolin Weight Loss, Pregnancies, and Recipe Book

With her first pregnancy, Sophie gained almost 30kgs through inactivity and poor nutritional choices. After becoming a mum, Guidolin focussed her energy on health and wellness, studying fitness and nutrition while working two jobs and looking after my boys.


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For those who are newer to my page, I wanted to share with you all a little overview insight into ‘me’. 😊 I haven’t always owned a gym, nutritionist or been a personal trainer. In fact, until after my son I had never stepped foot in a gym. Never/ no school sports- nothing. I hated it! 😫 I started walking during my second pregnancy after I developed gestational diabetes with my first son and wanting a healthier, better experience with my second son. I fell in love with the feeling exercise gave me, so continued after I lost the 28 kilo weight gain from my two very close pregnancies. My first husband & I split when the boys were just 1 & 2, and I was working two jobs whilst studying what I loved (training & nutrition) without knowing it, I had been writing my first recipe book by collecting the meals they loved that I created over the years. Meeting Nathan whilst on the Gold Coast for a fitness photo shoot changed my life in ways I never knew and over 5 years ago I moved to the Gold Coast. 😍We were married 4 years ago and had our twin girls 2 years ago, completing our family. My passion is women’s health, empowerment & independence. (I know what it is like to have nothing, & I believe women should always be able to have their own backs) ❤️ My philosophies have changed a lot over the years & I am obsessed with evidence based protocols & findings within the nutrition sector rather than fads or fast fixes. I am maternal as all hell & love to read. I hate tv and am a hippy at heart 🤗✨our program is @thebod_ our gym is @holdyourown_gym & my co partner swimwear with my gal pal is @salissociety ✨ I hope you enjoy my content. You can always catch us at ❤️ swipe for a few key images from me as a solo mama, to my first shoot with nath, engagement, wedding & our twins birth & more to catch you up express! (I could only pick 10- so will post more on my stories 😂🙈🤗 #weallstartsomewhere #dontassume #hardwork

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She lost the 28-kilo weight gain from her two very close pregnancies. After her split with her husband, she was working two jobs while studying what she loved (training & nutrition) without knowing it.

At that time, she’d been writing her first recipe book by collecting the meals her kids loved that she created over the year.

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Now you all know that Sophie has a keen interest, or we might say it as her passion in women’s health, empowerment & independence. She knows what it is like to have nothing, & believes that every woman should always be able to have their own backs.

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