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Shona Ferguson And His Wife Connie Ferguson Has A Daughter Alicia Angel? Religion And NetWorth

Learn about the little-known daughter of Shona Ferguson and Connie Ferguson, Alicia Angel. Learn about their religious beliefs and find out their estimated net worth.

It’s hard to ignore the name Ferguson when it comes to the entertainment industry in southern Africa.

Driven by an unwavering passion, Shona and Connie Ferguson have propelled their careers in the film and television industry since the 1990s, which has led to them producing some of the most popular shows today.

With their daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson joining the entertainment industry, the Ferguson family is a force to be reckoned with.

Beginning of Shona Ferguson’s Career in Entertainment

The late Aaron Arthur Ferguson, better known as ‘Shona Ferguson’ (30 April 1974 – 30 July 2021), began his career in entertainment as a club DJ at The Palace Hotel Night Club in Lesotho in 1992.

After moving back to Botswana, he shifted his focus to the corporate world and ended up in the IT business.

Shona and his wife Connie in a photoshoot.
Shona and his wife Connie in a photoshoot. (Source: BBC News)  

Starting as a salesman, he worked his way up to become a respected businessman and won multiple achievement awards, including Top Sales Manager Award 1998–99 while working at EDUTECH.

His first significant acting role was as Dr. Leabua in the South African Venda language soap opera Muvhango, which he left in March 2007.

Connie Ferguson: A Prominent Actress, Filmmaker, & Businesswoman

Constance Ferguson, born on 10 June 1970, is a renowned South African-based Botswana actress, filmmaker, producer, and businesswoman.

Notable for her role as “Karabo Moroka” on South Africa’s most popular soap opera, Generations, she starred in the show from its start in 1994 until she exited in 2010.

Connie Ferguson shows the poster of her upcoming TV series
Connie Ferguson shows the poster of her upcoming TV series “Kings of Jo’Burg.” (Source: Instagram)

In 2014, she reprised her role on the show after a 4-year absence for a short term.

In 2018, she was featured on the cover of Forbes Woman Africa magazine.

Alicia Angel Ferguson: A Rising Star in the Entertainment Scene

The Fergusons’ daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson, born on 7th June 2002) has also made strides in the entertainment industry.

She is an instrumentalist and songwriter, proficient in playing piano and drums.

Alicia Angel playing drums.
Alicia Angel playing drums. (Source: Instagram)

She is also a boxer, and the strong bond between her and her late father Shona is evidenced in many of the activities they shared, such as watching movies and dancing, before he passed away due to Covid-19 complications in 2021.

Alicia hopes to follow in her parent’s footsteps and become one of South Africa’s premier stars.

Religious Beliefs of the Family

We need concrete information about the religious beliefs of Shona, Connie, and Alicia Ferguson.

Without credible information, it would be inappropriate to claim their religious beliefs.

But having said that, the best guess we could take is Christianity since it is mentioned in a few sources, such as; Briefly.

Wealthy Ferguson’s

According to the Source, the estimated net worth of The Fergusons is around $1.5 million, Shona Ferguson had a successful career – and it was challenging for him.

Alicia Angel in the caption says
Alicia Angel, in the caption, says, “My two pillars.” (Source: Instagram)

Besides his acting roles in Generations, Isibaya, Muvhango, Rockville, The Gift, Scandal!, and The Queen, he inspired many.

The work of Shona and Connie continues to influence the African entertainment industry, and their daughter Alicia is beginning to make a name for herself.

One thing is sure – with their hard work, drive and passion, the Fergusons will continue to be a significant force in Africa’s entertainment industry.

The Fergusons’ Legacy

Their commitment to excellence continues to reverberate throughout the African entertainment landscape.

The Fergusons’ dedication to their craft and the African entertainment industry has come to serve as an example for those who are interested in pursuing similar paths.

Shona and Connie Ferguson at an event.
Shona and Connie Ferguson at an event. (Source: East Coast Radio) 

The family’s legacy remains strong even after Shona Ferguson’s passing. In a touching tribute to his life, Connie Ferguson posted a powerful letter on her Instagram page; “We gave you every ounce of our being.

We gave you so much love, and we gave you our hearts… You were our greatest example of living life to the fullest – no regrets and no apologies…”

The Fergusons Impact: A Family Of Award-Winning Visionaries

Their passion for excellence and willingness to take risks have certainly paid off. All three of the Fergusons have been awarded several awards and recognitions for their achievements and efforts.

Shona has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Film and Video Foundation, while Connie was awarded an Essence Award for outstanding contributions to the African entertainment industry.

Connie Ferguson working in the gym with her friend.
Connie Ferguson working in the gym with her friend. (Source: Instagram)

Alicia Ferguson was also awarded at SAFTA, the South African Film & TV Awards, in 2017.

Moreover, the Fergusons have left a lasting impact on the industry through their various projects.

Their productions – spanning TV shows, movies, and documentaries – have become iconic works that will be remembered for years.

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