Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs: Is Her Hair Natural Or Synthetic?

Discover the truth about Sarah Jakes Roberts wigs or natural hair? Uncover her hairstyling choices and find out what suits her best.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a renowned businesswoman, New York Times bestselling author, and influential thought Leader.

She has made a significant impact as the founder of Woman Evolve, an empowering organization that supports women in their journeys to break barriers, conquer challenges, and inspire their communities.

She was born to Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes, Sarah pastors a vibrant community of artists and professionals alongside her husband, Touré Roberts.

Their shared commitment to faith and empowerment has garnered widespread recognition.

With an exceptional ability to connect with audiences, Sarah has captivated readers and audiences worldwide with her profound wisdom and inspiring messages.

As a proud mother of six children, she calls Dallas, Texas, her home and continues to be a beacon of hope and transformation for countless individuals seeking purpose and fulfillment.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs: Is Her Hair Natural Or Synthetic?

Sarah Jakes Roberts, a prominent figure known for her influence and empowering work, shared a Facebook post shedding light on her experience with wigs.

In the post, she mentioned that her luggage was lost upon arriving in Dallas, Texas, but she found two wigs locally while waiting for her bag to be located.

This indicates that Sarah Jakes Roberts is open to using wigs as an alternative hair option.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Wigs 1
Sarah Jakes Roberts is optimistic about the Wigs and may have used them occasionally for hair styling. (Image Source: Facebook)

As for the nature of her hair, it is essential to note that Sarah has not explicitly mentioned whether it is natural or synthetic.

However, she did express that using wigs has been beneficial in maintaining the health of her hair while still providing versatility.

Whether Sarah’s natural hair is protected underneath the wigs or she simply enjoys the versatility of different wig styles remains unclear.

Nonetheless, her candid discussion on wigs highlights her openness to embracing different hair options and finding practical solutions amidst unexpected situations.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Career Details Explored

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a modern woman of faith who has redefined what it means to inspire and empower others.

Alongside her husband, Touré Roberts, she co-pastors The Potter’s House at One L.A. and The Potter’s House Denver, leading a dynamic community of believers.

Sarah’s impact extends beyond the church as she is a bestselling author, captivating speaker, and emerging thought Leader.

Her journey, marked by overcoming insecurities, teen pregnancy, Stigma, low self-esteem, toxic relationships, and depression, has shaped her passion for helping others transform their lives.

Sarah Jakes Roberts career
American author, motivational speaker, and pastor Sarah Jakes. (Image Source: Facebook)

With a dedication to spiritual growth and personal development, Sarah utilizes her experiences, insight, and influence to inspire individuals to become their best selves.

In 2017, Sarah launched Woman Evolve, a ministry that guided women to awaken healing, wholeness, and self-love.

Through Woman Evolve, she has impacted thousands of women and created an empowerment movement.

Sarah’s remarkable career has garnered recognition and media attention. She has been honored as a National Overcomer and featured in renowned outlets such as The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Essence, The Associated Press, and The 700 Club.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Family Debunked

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a devoted mother, and her family is a testament to love, blended connections, and shared joy.

As a mother of six, Sarah has three biological children and three stepchildren, making their family a beautiful blend of love and togetherness.

At 14, Sarah became a mother for the first time when she gave birth to her son, Malachi Jakes.

Her daughter, Makenzie Henson, was born during her previous marriage to former NFL linebacker Robert Henson.

Sarah Jakes Roberts husband
Sarah Jakes Roberts with her husband and Pastor Touré Roberts. (Image Source: Facebook)

Sarah’s husband, Pastor Touré Roberts, has also been an incredible Father figure to all the children.

Their family consists of eight members: Sarah, Touré, Malachi, Makenzie, Ella (their daughter), Ren Taylor Roberts, Teya Hunter Roberts, and Isaiah Roberts.

Each child’s unique personality and story creates a harmonious family dynamic.

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Touré Roberts have embraced the beauty of blending families, showing that love and unity can thrive in any circumstance.

Together, they create a strong and supportive foundation for their children, emphasizing the importance of love, faith, and family values.

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