Ronald Henry

Ronald Henry Missing Found Dead 2023 Update: Family Mourns The Loss

34-year-old Ronald Henry Missing since December and was found dead in Grant County. Learn more about Ronald Henry death update.

Ronald Henry, age 34, was last seen in Platteville, Wisconsin, on December 5, 2022. After leaving his friend’s farmhouse, where he was staying for work, he vanished.

Henry was residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his youngest brother at the time of his abduction. He had been seeing Alicia, whom he had met at work, for seven months. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ronald Henry Jr. grew up among seven siblings.

In December 2022, Henry accepted a live-in position at a farm near Platteville, Wisconsin. He had done it many times before, and the people he was staying with were his longtime friends.

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Ronald Henry Missing Update

Ronald Henry boarded a Greyhound bus on December 1, 2022, from his Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home and traveled the two hours to Platteville, Wisconsin.

Along with a buddy and his uncle, he had come there for live-in farm work, and on December 17, he was scheduled to fly back to Milwaukee. Henry spoke to his mother over the phone on December 3, 2022, and everything sounded normal.

Ronald Henry Missing
Ronald Henry has been missing since December. (Source- Disappeared )

After watching football the entire day, Henry and his companion went to numerous Platteville bars for the evening. Henry talked to his lover on the phone at about midnight and promised to call her again the following day at noon during his lunch break.

Ronald Henry never returned home and has since vanished from public view. His girlfriend could not contact him, so she reported him missing to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office on December 7, 2022.

Is Ronald Henry Alive Or Dead?

On March 5, 2023, a wooded area about a mile south of the farmhouse where Ronald Henry was last seen was where his body was found. The body was eventually discovered after someone alerted authorities after discovering his bones while searching for deer antlers.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the remains belonged to Ronald Henry on March 6, 2023. An autopsy will identify the cause of death, and a nearby phone will be investigated.

Initial autopsy results showed no evidence of physical violence to Henry’s body. To determine the cause of death, detectives are now awaiting the toxicology and final pathologist reports.

The official cause of death for Henry has been given as unintentional hypothermia. Authorities are meeting with the Grant County District Attorney to discuss the inquiry even though they believe his death to have been an accident.

Authorities used drones, helicopters, and K9 teams to undertake a thorough search surrounding the Condry Road property in Platteville, Wisconsin, on December 8, 2022, but they were unable to locate Ronald Henry.

Following his disappearance, two witnesses in Platteville reported seeing Ronald Henry; however, these sightings were unconfirmed by authorities.

Ronald Henry Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

There isn’t yet a well-reported obituary for Ronald Henry. The Grant County Sheriff’s Office said Monday morning that a man’s body had been discovered in Ellenboro Township after he went missing at the beginning of December.

Henry, 34, was initially reported by the sheriff’s office to have spent the night of Sunday, December 4, and into the early hours of Monday, December 5, at a friend’s home.

Ronald Henry
Ronald Henry was last seen at his friend’s House in Platteville, Wisconsin. (Source- NBC news )

The resident of the House informed the authorities that Henry intended to meet up with other pals in Platteville, and that’s where he believed Henry went.

Family members regarded Henry’s lack of communication for a few days as being out of the ordinary for him, so they filed a missing person report. On December 8, the sheriff’s office sent out a missing person alert.

After the coroner’s office completes its autopsy, Dreckman stated that his agency intends to provide more details.

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