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Prabal Gurung’s 10th Anniversary Show Questioned Trump For Immigrants

On September 8, Prabal Gurung celebrated his 10th anniversary showing at New York Fashion Week. For the auspicious occasion, the designer’s Spring 2020 collection was a lead opener to every immigrant who had taken shelter in America.

Prabal Gurung
                     Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2020 collection

Prabal had plans to celebrate his 10th anniversary this season at Hudson Yard’s with his first-ever fashion show. He abruptly pulled out of negotiations for space when news broke. Stephen Ross, Chairman, and Founder of Related Companies, the real estate developer behind Hudson Yards, was hosting a fundraiser for Trump in the Hamptons in August.

Against the fundraiser, Prabal had tweeted on August 7;

 “This is no longer about party lines, especially now with all the mass murders at the hands of domestic terrorists and white supremacists. Instead, this is a choice that one needs to make now. This is about choosing between two sides, the right or the wrong sides of the history. I am not calling this out to be part of the cancel culture or start some tirade against people, but rather to question these individuals whose motivation seems to be nothing but $$ and also to challenge our integrity and choices that we make every day. My goal here is to start a dialogue and maybe, hopefully, change some minds. I was previously in a conversation with Hudson Yards’ The Vessel as the venue for my brand’s upcoming 10-year show during NYFW. When I heard about this fundraiser, I chose to pull my participation.”

Prabal Gurung
The model on the runway

With such political ups down going in the country, it’s impossible for the fashion industry not to respond. But Gurung has his style whether it is protesting in social media or to print a catchy slogan on a T-shirt. Well, he is definitely not the person to complain and call it a day.

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Prabal Gurung had ganged up battalions and conducted a whole 10 minutes show with style. The story all started when the designer consulted Jose Antonio Vargas, the author of Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen for his collection. Someone in the business said to him, “you don’t look American, so how can you define what America is?”

From that moment on, his work started. The show was beautifully organized. The national flower of America, Rose appeared in colorful pastels, vibrant reds and bouquets.

His little bit of twist in traditional America and was creative and youthful. He smartly used denim cargo pants and paired it with long strands of pearls and cowboy boots. The apparels created a tangible metaphor for who can wear it?

Prabal Gurung's Spring 2020
                                            Power of flowers

Not only that, there was a new form of elevated dresses, white poplin shirt, trousers, and even a boiler jumpsuit. The melting pot theme was displayed magnificently with the help of 60 models, each belonging to different age, race, size, and gender.

Thanks to the enthusiastic youth who think these should be the urgent subject for conversation and case to act upon.

The collection was well planned from the prints to the fabrics; every detail represented the root of American identity. Casual to formal, pants to one piece, every single design tinged Prabal’s enthusiasm. There was tie-dye, feathers, bouquet, rose prints, zesty colors, and many more.

prabal gurung fashion designer
A plus-size model in Spring 2020

The show opened with a white dress whose rouleau button cut-out has become his signature style, denim dressed both up and down, and menswear. Moreover, the befeathered ‘le’ smoking to a rose strewn gown and those skirts that swept the width of the runway made a wow moment.

Prabal Gurung expressed himself at his best in a short heartwarming show note;

“This is all deeply personal to me. Though my roots lay with my family in Nepal, this country is my home. America is where my heart is. I am an American. As immigrants continue to birth this “new America,” we must remember all versions of our history and take ownership of our past while forging a new legacy. Amidst the deep wounds that are severing the unity of our country, I continue to seek the America I came here to be a part of—the America that I know is still there. And so, with the Spring 2020 collection, we seek to celebrate hope, courage and present an ode to the real American dream.”

prabal gurung fashion designer
The Powerful Statement for Immigrants

At the end of the show, the audience got jitters when all the model walked on the ramp wearing silk slashes across their shoulder. The slashes were designed in a blue printed letter Who gets to be American?. With his ten decades on the industry, Prabal Gurung has proved that he has other responsibilities towards the country with style. This time, it was all loud and clear.

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