Polina Semionova Husband, Kids, Age, Height, Body, Dancer, Net Worth, Instagram

Polina Semionova age, height, body, career
Polina Semionova is a 35 years old ballet dancer and model

Polina Semionova is a professional ballet dancer who is also active as a model, especially for Uniqlo. The most distinctive feature of this diva s her fantastic flexibility and how intellectually she uses it in her photoshoots. Well, we must say that Polins is a whole package of beauty and the brain.

Polina Semionova age
Polina Semionova is 35 years old

There is a lot of things that you might be missing this amazing dancer. Therefore we are here to fill on those gaps that have been daunting for you quite a while. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss her age, height, body, career to her husband, and newly born kids. Before that let’s have a look at some quick facts;

Short Introduction- Parents, Siblings, Education, Childhood

This renowned dancer was born in the beautiful city of Moscow, Russia. Since childhood, Polina was keen on ballet dancing, and hence her parents took her to dance class to hone her skill. Thanks to the supporting parents, this lady is what she is today because of them.

Unfortunately, there is no valid information about her parent’s names and whereabouts. But we will make sure to update it any time soon. Till then, enjoy the article.

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Sources suggest that she is blessed to have a brother Dmitry Semiono who assists her in the ballet dancing school. In 2020 he is active as a principal dancer along with Staatsballet Berlin. Moreover, Polina is a Russian citizen who belongs to mixed ethnicity.

How Tall Is Polina Semionova?- Height, Age, Body Measurement

Being a model, this hot model stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm. This height is considered perfect in the fashion industry. To maintain her weight and body for Semionova, it was a piece of cake. As she is a ballet dancer, most of the exercise is included in her dance, and further dance is not quite that necessary.

Presently she has maintained her body weight up to 110 pounds, which translates to 50 kg in general. Speaking of which Polina’s bust measures about 29 inches, waist about 21 inches and hips of 31 inches. It appears that this dancer that a pear-shaped body.

Polina Semionova height
Polina Semionova is 5 feet 9 inches tall

Semionova is grateful to have a white skin complexion that goes with everything she wears. That might also be the reason why she appears so flawless in the camera. To sum up the look, this model plus dancer has long black hair along with dark brown hair.

Not to mention, Semionva celebrates her birthday each year on the 13th day of September in 1984. In 2020 she is 35 years old and falls under the sun sign of Virgo. People falling under this sign are considered to be sensitive, reserved, and talented.

Professional Career

Since the start of her life as a ballet dancer, Polina bagged a lot of gold, prizes from various competitions all over the globe. In 2001, she won Moscow International Ballet Competition, Vaganova Prix Ballet Competition in 2002, and Junior Prize at International Ballet Competition held in Nagoya.

In 2002, Polina became the youngest principal of Berlin State Ballet due to the invitation of its artistic director Vladimir Malakhov. Not to mention during that period, she was at the tender age of 18. Soon she was touring all over the world again.

Polina Semionova profession
Polina Semionova performing on the stage

With the accomplishment of Malakhoc, she went to Japan as his partner. He was also the one who gave her the lead roles in the likes of Nutcracker, La Bayadere, Tatiana in Onegin, and many more. At the age of 19 in 2003, Polina performed with the English National Ballet in Swan Lake.

Following year she joined California Ballet in The Sleeping Beauty. She impressed most of the audience with her dance. Also, she featured in Herbert Gronemeyer‘s 2003 Music Video titled as Demo. The video was uploaded on youtube, and suddenly she was everywhere.

Eventually, this model became one of the featured artists on EuroArts DVD Divine Dancers Live from Prague. During that time, she danced as a pas de Deux from the ballet “Manon.” In the year 2009, this Russian dancer joined with Berlin State Ballet, which she choreographed with collaboration with Vladimir Malakhov.

Unfortunately, in 2012, she had a small conflict with Vladimir. Therefore she decided to move to New York. There she became the principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre. That was also the year in which she got a chance to appear in Brian de Palma’s movie Passion.

In the movie, Polina again shined with her talent and creativity. In 2013 she was named as the professor of the Berlin State Ballet School. After a year, this 35 years old dancer returned to Berin States Ballet by performing Maurice Bejart‘s Bolero.

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In addition to this in 2018, Semionova starred in Alexei Ratmansky‘s La Bayadere. Even more, she assisted the Beautiful Mind Series company in making perfume. The perfume was savory with the smell of fruits like pear, mandarin, freesia along with white blossom, and more.

The same year, Polina was voted for Female Dance of the year by Tanz magazine. As a model, this fantastic dancer is working for the famous brand Uniqlo.

Who Is The Husband of Polina Semionova? Is She Married? Does She Have A Kid?

We all know how much time and effort does it takes to be a ballet dancer. It is so surprising to see her as a model too. Many people are curious about how she gathers up so much energy and courage to do so. Eventually, she has become one of the role models to the people who love something else along with the ballet.

Since she arrived in the fashion industry, Polina has garnered a lot of fame and popularity from the people all over the globe. With the increase in demand, many fans want to know about her personal matters. More precisely, they are curious about her love life.

It might not become as a surprise that this model plus dancer is married. However, she is not the one to jump straight to the marriage. Before that, she and her partner took a lot of time to know each other and understand one another completely.

Polina Semionova husband
Polina Semionova with her kid

It is said that like pole repulses and unlike pole attracts. Well, it appears that this idiom is only applicable to the magnet. You want to know why? It is obvious because Polina found her love in ballet first and Mehmet Yumak later.

For the people who do not know, Yumak is also a professional dancer at the Berlin State Ballet. The lovey-dovey couple happiness knew no boundary when Polina got pregnant with her first child. Luckily she bore her first child in January 2017.

The baby was a surprise and a gift that needed tremendous care and love. Henceforth, Semionova decided to take a break from her career. That is a huge turn down to most of the fans, but she has a family to take care of too. Maybe she will continue her journey as soon as she feels that the baby is safe.

What Is The Net Worth of Polina Semionova? How Much Does She Earn?

Polina has spent most of her life doing live shows in front of thousands of fans. That was a tough job, but this dancer handles it quite well. Along with that, this Russian lady also managed modeling for Uniqlo. Despite the fact that her work is at a halt due to the welcoming of new members in the family, she makes enough to live.

In 2020 sources have estimated Polina Semionova to sit on the estimated net worth of $1 million. In contrast to her work and contribution, this amount seems to be less. But as soon as she is able to make a comeback in ballet dancing and modeling, Polina will be stable again.

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However, there is no valid information about her salary, cars, and mansions. But we do know that she is living a lavish lifestyle somewhere in Russia. We will update the vital information about her favorite dancer as soon as it is on the media. Till then, stay tuned!

Social Media Presence

Despite the hectic schedule from taking care of baby and looking after her husband, Polina Semionova makes some time to her fans too. To be honest, this is a very humble gesture any celebrity could show to their fans. To stay in touch with her fans, she is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram: 113k followers

Twitter: 1,850 followers


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