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Pierre Cardin, Fashion Designer, Husband, Career & Net Worth

“I wash with my own soap-wear my own perfume, got to bed on my own sheets, have my own food products. I live on me”Pierre Cardin. Creating something new every time is a tough task. Pierre has spent almost a century creating several designs in the fashion industry. He has been engaging himself with the democratization of fashion and has changed the face of menswear.

Pierre Cardin age
The 97 years old fashion designer Pierre Cardin

Due to Cardin’s vast knowledge of tailoring, construction, sculptural and architectural work, he is the only Paris couture aside from Balenciaga. So, why don’t we talk about this amazing fashion designer the way we do with someone like Bill Blass, Rei Kawakubo?

Pierre Cardin Childhood, Parents and Education

This versatile designer was raised in a wealthy family in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso. His father was a wealthy French wine merchant who insisted him to study architecture. As Pierre came from a rich family, his wish and necessity were easily fulfilled.

Pierre Cardin nationality
Pierre Cardin is 97 years old fashion designer.

Unfortunately, the name of his parents and siblings are out of the media. We will update it soon. Talking about education, Cardin accomplished his education in France. Moreover, he is of both Italian and French nationality. Not to forget, he belongs to white ethnicity.

How Old Is Pierre Cardin?- Age, Height

This French fashion designer was born on July 2 in 1922. As of now, he is 97 years old and falls under the sun sign of Cancer. Just like his sign suggests, this man is hard-working, passionate, and determined.

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Although Cardin is very open about her professional works, he hesitates to share his personal information. There is no denying that his work is mostly behind the curtains. This versatile fashion designer is rarely seen in front of the camera. In a time like this, it is tough to estimate his height, weight. But we do know that he has short white hair and a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

Professional Career

Pierre learned to tailor at the age of 17. He worked at the house of Paquin and assisted in making customs with Christian Berard and Jean Cocteau for the animation movie Beauty and the Beast. Before employing Christian Dior, he involved himself with Chez Schiaparelli.

There he was able to design the “New Look” collection of 1947. His work fascinated Dior a lot, and even said that,

“Designers like Pierre Cardin are the future of haute couture.”

After the untimely demise of Dior, Pierre was also one of the contenders to be the heir of the company. Instead, Yves Saint Laurent handled the company pretty well.

Pierre Cardin’s Menswear

The men’s fashion and style that are popular today were already procrastinated by Pierre decades ago. His apparel was hot, elegant, very young, pick a man up and gives them height and youth. Pierre launched his first men’s shop ever in 1957 in collaboration with Eve boutique and was called Adam.

Pierre Cardin wife
Pierre Cardin “Cosmocorps” suits and “Porthole” dresses 1968

Surprisingly in 1960, Cardin presented a men’s collection with the students from the University of Paris. In 1958, he said that “youth is supple; age is stiff. I like a line that moves with the body.” Eventually, in 1966, Reuter‘s disclosed that this designer’s turnover for menswear was $26 million, six-time higher than his women’s business.

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In addition to this, Cardin is also the first designer to hire a Japanese model to showcase his couture designs. Her name was Hiroko Matsumoto, and with time, she became one of his muses. That surely introduced diversity in the fashion industry. The arrival of Hiroko stormed the media, and she rose to prominence overnight.

Pierre Cardin’s Space Suit

In 1970, Pierre visited NASA (National Aeronautics and Space administration); he was very fascinated by the spacesuit. He even wore one; the spacesuit wore by the first man to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin in a NASA spacesuit

Likewise, Cardin even created his own design for NASA. During that time, Cecil Beaton said in an interview that,

“Cardin was a member of the Martian school. His young models are equipped for any science-fiction activity. Their heads protected by crash helmets, fireman’s masks, or culinary weapons, they are silhouetted like pears, torpedoes, or rocket missiles, in light hairy materials. They are in the advance guard of those exploring outer space.”

Pierre Cardin Brand

This fantastic fashion designer has named his brand with his own name. By the 1960s, his brand was expanded from clothes to perfume and cosmetics. Since 1988, the brands were licensed and were successful in adding over $10 million annually. Soon his name was spread from a toilet paper, pencil holder, key chains, and several other products.

Pierre Cardin brand
Pierre Cardin Brands

In 2011, Pierre decided to sell his business at $1 billion. Wall Street Journal revealed that it was one-fifth amount of the company’s actual price. However, in the end, he did not sell the brand. Apart from these, Cardin widened the business in jewellery, watches, and several other fashion products.

Who Is The Wife Of Pierre Cardin?

This astonishing fashion designer was in a romantic relationship with Jeanne Moreau in 1960. They were together for half a decade. Due to some reason, the lovey-dovey pair parted their ways in 1965.

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Since then, Pierre has not been using anyone. Neither he is married nor engaged. Also, there is no news about this designer having a baby. By the looks of it, Cardin has not adopted anyone.

Pierre Cardin Net Worth

This 97 years old fashion designer has amassed a lot of fortune from his career. Not to forget, he has spent almost a century in the fashion industry. In 2020, Pierre sat on an estimated net worth of $800 million.

Pierre Cardin net worth
Pierre Cardin is a French fashion designer Source: Picture Alliance.

In 1981, Pierre bought Maxim’s restaurants and spread them in New York, Beijing, and London. Some sources suggest that he sold his mansion for $450 million.

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